Chadwick Boseman Recorded Numerous Episodes of Marvel’s What If… Show

Knowing that Boseman recorded multiple episodes of What If guarantees that fans will get a few more chances to experience his take on T’Challa. Boseman quickly turned Black Panther into one of the best characters in the MCU. With Marvel Studios confirming that they will not recast the role for Black Panther 2 and beyond, the stories told in What If will retroactively become a sendoff for such a beloved actor and character.

It was recently confirmed that What If is still on track to release in the summer of 2021, but it is possible that some of the episodes Boseman was a part of will come later. Feige mentioned that production was already underway on season 2 of What If back in late 2019. With the first season consisting of just ten episodes, there is a chance some of the material Boseman recorded in his four sessions was for season 2. We might not know when the last episode of Marvel’s What If…? involving Boseman will be released, but each of them will take on completely new meanings now.

Source: Emmy Magazine

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