Celebs On The Farm star Kerry Katona ‘pimps up’ well-endowed ram and milks goat

MTV’s Celebs on the Farm is back next month and Kerry Katona is taking part alongside fellow celebs Cheryl Hole, Duncan James, Harry Aikines-Aryeetey, Holly Hagan, Lady C, Linda Robson, Malique Thompson-Dwyer, Montana Brown and Shaun Williamson.

The new series, hosted by Stephen Bailey, will see the celebrities swap high heels for wellies and flat whites for flat caps, when they are introduced to day-to-day life on a working farm.

Asked just how hands on she got with the animals, Kerry, 40, replied: “Oh yeah, the ram we had to work with had got the biggest balls I’ve ever seen!

“We had to clip their nails. I just love the fact that we pimped up a ram and sent him off to play.

“I was like, “now you all know how I’ve got three men to marry me!”.

Asked what were the biggest challenges, Kerry replied: “I didn’t like milking the cows. I actually got a bit panicky doing that.

“We had just moved from a three-story, six bedroom house because the oldest two girls had moved out and so we thought we’ll downsize just around the corner to a two floor, four bed house.

Then both the girls ended up moving back home and Ryan’s brother moved in with three dogs in a four bed house.

It was driving me crackers! So that’s why being on the farm didn’t feel like such a shock to the system, I was used to the chaos!

* MTV’s Celebs on the Farm arrives in February

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