Celebs Go Dating’s Wayne Lineker left red-faced as date takes swipe at his age

Ibiza club boss Wayne Lineker was left feeling rather embarrassed during the latest episode of Celebs Go Dating.

The 58 year old was seen enjoying a date with Jodie on Wednesday evening – and he clearly felt it was going well.

Wayne – whose elder brother is former footballer Gary – usually dates women who are much younger than him, but found himself attracted to 41-year-old Jodie.

As they enjoyed a drink, Wayne told her: “We’re obviously very similar, I’m super attracted to you.

“The fact that you are 41 is fantastic. My family will be loving that fact that I’m speaking to someone of that age.”

Celebs Go Dating's Wayne Lineker was left red-faced during a date on Wednesday evening
Celebs Go Dating’s Wayne Lineker was left red-faced during a date on Wednesday evening

However, Wayne wasn’t expecting Jodie’s response – which left him red-faced and probably rather embarrassed.

“To be fair, you are out of my age zone. When I came in here I put between 30 and 50,” she replied bluntly.

Wayne was quick to respond and suggested: “I’m sure we can work around that,” to which Jodie added: “To be fair, you are mentally probably about 35!”

Wayne Lineker on a date with a woman named Jodie on Celebs Go Dating
His date Jodie told him that he is actually out of her usual dating age range

The father-of-four then admitted: “They call me Peter Pan. I spend as much money so I can stay the way I am.”

It comes after the grey-haired star made another date “feel like an OAP” despite the fact she was only 39 years old.

Wayne was matched up with singleton Hannah and wasted no time in explaining his dating rules that mean he would never consider dating some over the age of 30.

Wayne said he is aware of criticism that the girlfriends he chooses are “too young for him”.

Wayne Lineker on Celebs Go Dating
Wayne admitted that he usually dates women between the ages of 25 and 30

“And they are but that’s the circle I’m in,” he admitted, before Hannah asked him the age of the youngest girl he’s dated.

“They are normally 25…30,” Wayne replied, to which she said: “Oh my god! I feel like an OAP!”

“I must stress I don’t date anyone under 25,” the bar owner quickly added.

Wayne is currently starring in the latest series of Celebs Go Dating alongside the likes of Chloe Ferry and Curtis Pritchard.

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