Bradley Walsh loses it as The Chase contestant refused lower offer breaks record

Bradley Walsh struggled to keep his cool after he was left stunned by a contestant on The Chase who broke a record after being refused a lower offer for the first time ever.

Contestant Janty struggled in the Cashbuilder round and didn’t answer any questions correctly. As neither of the two contestants before her had got through to the Final Chase, Chaser Jenny Ryan was unable to give her a lower offer.

When offered either £0 or a higher offer of £40,000, Janty decided to go all in and try to win big.

And to everyone’s astonishment – particularly host Bradley’s – she managed to get through to the Final Chase.

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Jumping up, Bradley raced around the studio and punched the air in shock.

“Cannot believe that! that was unbelievable,” Bradley gushed. “What a match!”

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ITV Screengrab CAPTION: The Chase LINK:

“That will go down in Chase history – that was thrilling!” Bradley continued. “I wish we could do that all over again.”

And viewers were equally shocked, with one tweeting: “#thechase I’ve never ever seen the chaser not be able to give a low offer as there’s literally no money in the bank.”

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While another questioned: “Has anyone gotten through with the big offer before after getting 0 in the cash builder #TheChase.”

A fan replied: “They have now!”

Unfortunately, however, Janty’s final teammate failed to make it through to the final round and she was left standing alone, which didn’t go too well after scoring just six…

*The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV

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