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It’s difficult to imagine Netflix’s good news being anything other than a season 2 renewal confirmation. Could the streaming platform be renewing the series for more than one season? Speculation aside, if Bridgerton season 2 is confirmed, it will most likely revolve around the events of Julia Quinn’s book, “The Viscount Who Loved Me,” where Anthony Bridgerton deals with his past as it collides with the oldest Bridgerton brother finding love in the present.

The series certainly left fans with the perfect setup for a second season during the season 1 finale. Daphne gave birth to a son, Colin Bridgerton went off to see the world, Marina Thompson went off with Phillip Crane, Anthony’s opera singer lover Siena broke things off with him, and Penelope Featherington was revealed to the viewers as the mysterious Lady Whistledown. A season revolving around Anthony would certainly explain the significance of the bumblebee in the season one finale. Why was the final shot of the first season that of a bumblebee? Those who haven’t read, “The Viscount Who Loved Me,” would certainly learn the bee’s immense significance to Anthony in a second season. There’s plenty of potential and source material for several seasons of Bridgerton, so hopefully Netflix delivers on that promise.

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