Big Bang Theory Star Says It’s Too Soon For A Reunion

Bialik has a point; it has just been almost two years since The Big Bang Theory ended, and a reunion might feel forced. Furthermore, at this point, it’s certainly unnecessary. Some of the cast members are just re-establishing their careers outside of their 12-year stint in the sitcom. While they will always be tied to the characters they played on the show, especially since it has maintained its popularity due to syndication and streaming availability, most of them presumably want to get out of the shadow of The Big Bang Theory. That is scary and tricky to do, as admitted by Kaley Cuoco, who has successfully transitioned in starring and producing the hit HBO Max show, The Flight Attendant.

The Big Bang Theory did come up with a generally satisfying ending, however, there were some valid criticisms about how the show’s story has been handled in the last few years of its run. It had been too engrossed with progressing Sheldon and Amy’s relationship that it left the rest of the characters’ arcs stagnated. Somehow, it didn’t feel like it was an ensemble show anymore just as it was in its earliest seasons. If there’s any reunion in the future, it would be great to learn that other members of the Pasadena gang have also moved forward with their lives, despite it happening off-screen.

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