Angry Dancing On Ice fans say star was ‘robbed’ and accuse judges of favouritism

Dancing On Ice viewers have claimed the judges are favouriting Rebekah Vardy over the other celebrities, with many saying Faye Brookes is marked too harshly and others believe Amy Tinkler, who was voted off, was “robbed”.

Faye and skating partner Hamish Gaman both burst into tears after their tough critique from judges Ashley Banjo, John Barrowman, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

Faye’s stumble at the start of the routine did not go unnoticed by the judges and host Phillip Schofield pointed out they “almost ran out of rink” as they misjudged the distance.

Ashley said: “I would love to score you higher but I keep asking the same thing and that’s to excite me, with choreography, tricks, the connection between you, I really want you to come out here and shock me.

“And you had a stumble didn’t you, and then the sequence was out of synch.”

John added: “I thought Faye that you rushed a lot of it, you’re going ahead of things and Hamish is trying to pull you back, you also had a stumble so I had to judge you based on that, you’re a better skater than it.”

Rebekah Vardy and Andy Buchanan were dressed as Ross and Rachel from Friends
Rebekah Vardy and Andy Buchanan were dressed as Ross and Rachel from Friends

Jayne said they “lost synchronicity” towards the end and added, “we know you can give us more, so give us more”.

With Hamish also tearing up, Faye said: “I am just, we are trying we are doing our best, I will take on every single note that you give me and we will come back next week and smash it hopefully, if we are still here.”

The judges scored Faye and Hamish 32/40 and Holly Willoughby admitted she was “a bit cross” at the judges as Phillip called them “mean judges”.

The judges have been accused of scoring Rebekah and Andy too highly

Later on in the show, Faye’s mother appeared on video call and complained: “I was absolutely shocked, especially at Ashley, that was well below par.

“And I will be down to the studio if it carries on!” she warned.

Faye revealed she could not speak during the break as she was crying so much, whereas Rebekah received a great critique for attempting the head banger move.

Faye Brookes
Faye Brookes looked heartbroken at her tough critique

Jayne said: “Each week you are getting better and better, you had a lovely position in the air, the footwork it was not easy, it got out a little bit but all in all it was fantastic.”

“You are getting better week on week so well done,” said Ashley.

Viewers thought Rebekah and Faye were being judged to different standards and many argued Amy was “robbed” as she should not have been in the skate off.

One tweeted: “literally feel for Faye and Hamish…. the judges are so unfair and harsh! She’s the best by a mile, it’s the like they scored well week 1 and tryna make her not be seen as the fave … and they score like Rebekah higher and she doesn’t really do anything”.

Faye’s mum said she was “absolutely shocked” by the judges’ words

Another ranted: “The judges are truly delusional. Faye is by far the superior performer. Amy was also better than Colin and Rebekah. Horrendous.”

“How on GOD’S GREEN EARTH are they scoring Rebekah higher than Faye? They’re not even comparable. Rebekah gets flung around the ice, but Faye actually skates. Faye and Sonny should be joint top,” ranted a third.

Others remarked: “Lady leshurr and faye were robbed. deserved higher scores. # DancingOnIce ” and “amy robbed bc rebekah should’ve been in the skate off over lady leshurr”.

* Dancing On Ice airs Sunday nights on ITV at 6pm

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