Alternative Queen’s Speech provokes strong reaction to ‘Deepfake’ parody

The Alternative Queen’s Speech has left strong reactions following its airing on Channel 4.

The actual Queen’s Speech aired on BBC One and ITV as planned.

However, the parody of the annual monarch’s tradition on Channel 4 saw a ‘Deepfake’ mock Queen deliver some scathing remarks and comical moments for viewers.

The cringe-worthy series of clips saw the fake Queen discuss a number of controversial topics, including royal matters from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepping down from their roles as senior members of the Royal Family to the fallout from Prince Andrew’s Newsnight Interview on the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Another memorable moment saw the monarch do a dance emulating recent social media trends on the app TikTok.

The Alternative Queen’s Speech included a TikTok dance moment and some scathing digs

While some were highly amused by the clip, others were much less so and both sides took to social media to share their views.

One person wrote on Twitter : “who cares about the actual queen spech because i was watching the parody one on channel 4 doing tiktok dances”.

A different viewer penned: “I’m not even mad about channel 4 doing a deep fake of the queen but just… that s**t was not funny at all lol look the queen is shaking her a** haha!!! Netflix and chill LOL!!! God damn hire some better comedians to write ur scripts please”.

Some viewers on Channel 4 were left highly amused by the Deepfake

Meanwhile, a different Channel 4 viewer commented: “Sorry but how the f*** has channel 4 got away with doing that to the queen!”

One viewer tweeted: “there’s no way channel 4 got away with that deep fake [crying emoji]”.

Elsewhere, another person penned: “Channel 4 – just what have I watched. So disrespectful of the Queen. Hang your heads in shame and whoever commissioned this needs firing @Channel4#TheQueen ”

Some viewers felt the Alternative Speech was in poor taste

Finally, one fan of the Queen concluded: “I am so irritated by Channel 4’s mean spirited crashing of the Queen’s Christmas message that I am going to watch the real one, even though I don’t normally. We’ve all had a s**t year @Channel4, there was no need for this #QueensSpeech ”

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