Alex Bain says Corrie ‘saved him’ from dark times and mental health woes

Alex Bain says Coronation Street saved him as he opened up about his mental health struggles.

The 19-year-old actor has played troubled Simon Barlow on the cobbles for 13 years.

But the child star says there have been times when things got on top of him – especially at school as he balanced studies with his career on the soap.

Alex, who became a proud father two years ago, has spoken with the Manchester Evening News about being on the ITV show since 2008.

He says he still struggles to buy alcohol even now as “people still think he is 12 or 13”.

Alex opened up about the challenges he has faced as a child star

But there have been bigger problems for the young actor who says there is a darker side to growing up in the spotlight.

“I went through quite a few tough times in school,” Alex told the MEN.

“Even from primary school, because being the only male dancer that I was, especially at primary school you know kids, they can be horrible.

“They can truthfully be horrible. But I never saw it as bullying. It’s that lack of awareness as a child especially.

“But I had a situation when I was in school and it affected me. It affected me a lot more as I was getting older and I have struggled myself, especially with mental health.

“I’m open about it, I talk about it all the time but I’ve been through some dark times and I think if I didn’t stick at the job that I’m in now, I would have been lost.”

Alex added: “Corrie has kept me going. My family has kept me going especially and having a daughter as well.”

The teen is all loved up with girlfriend Mollie

He says his “wonderful” girlfriend Mollie, who is also a performer, really helps him when he is struggling.

The teen is involved in a big storyline underway with his character Simon lured into the murky world of drugs gangs.

Viewers also see him comfort his grief-stricken mum Leanne Tilsley, played by Jane Danson, following the death of her son Oliver.

Alex says it’s an honour to be asked to bring such big topics into the open.

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