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American Horror Story season 10 is teased with a creepy new skull image. Created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, AHS is a supernatural horror anthology series. Beginning with Murder House in season 1, American Horror Story has spanned myriad settings. These include a psychiatric hospital, a supernatural hotel, and an American freak show. Portraying witches, cult members, circus folk, and more, the cast has featured Sarah Paulson, Emma Roberts, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Lady Gaga, and Jessica Lange.

Following the ninth installment of the acclaimed series, AHS:1984, the creative forces behind American Horror Story, geared up for season 10 while keeping plotlines under wraps. Featuring the return of AHS staple cast members Peters and Paulson after their brief hiatus, the cast list gained the addition of Macaulay Culkin in an undisclosed role. Last month, after months of teasing the delayed season 10’s theme, Murphy revealed that the show’s tenth season is called American Horror Story: Double Feature, which appears to have a nautical and coastal theme. Now, it looks like fans have another clue to dissect.

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Murphy took to Instagram to post a photo of a creepy skull, which is slightly buried in wet sand, with the simple caption, “Love this.” Featuring the official American Horror Story: Double Feature title, the image of the skull appears to be well-constructed fan art, but still sparked numerous fan theories. Check out Murphy’s full post, below:

Reportedly, the highly anticipated AHS: Double Feature is expected to release on FX later in 2021. Of course, Murphy and the AHS cast members appear to have a flair for doling out clues about the newest installment while keeping pivotal plot details concealed until the premiere. As it stands, American Horror Story shows no signs of slowing down. The anthology series has been renewed up to season 13. Recently, Murphy created an online poll that allows fans to vote between Bloody Mary and The Plague for a future theme.

Indeed, Murphy’s post had led to further speculation that a trailer for AHS: Double Feature could arrive soon. Keeping fans in suspense with sprinkles of clues leading up to the reveal of the premiere date continues to be a selling point for American Horror Story. Of course, fans will have to keep an eye on Murphy’s clues, and will hopefully be rewarded with a teaser trailer for American Horror Story: Double Feature soon.

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