What Latest Update Do We Have For You?

The latest gaming update has been a big one with the most recent release of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4, which is completely powered by BattleEye. This is just another step in an expansive journey that will shape the future of video games and gaming itself for years to come.

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What Latest Update Do We Have For You?

Work Later, Drink Now is a South Korean drama that follows the lives of three women who like getting together after work to drink. The life stories of all three young girls’ personalities flow seamlessly together. The second season of TVING’s original program Work Later, Drink Now is coming soon. According to some reports, the program will return for a second season, with production work beginning only a few days ago.

Work Later, Drink Now is still in its first season. The producers, however, decided to develop a second season owing to the drama’s enormous popularity. As can be seen, the majority of single-season Korean dramas fall short of expectations, and the audience is unimpressed. As a result, the chances of Work Later, Drink Now Season 2 becoming a success and a hit are extremely strong.

Furthermore, the hilarious moments are adored by the audience. Aside from the female stars, Super Junior’s Choi Siwan is one of the male leads. With a total of fourteen episodes, the drama premiered on October 22, 2021. Despite the fact that the finale episodes have yet to broadcast, here is practically everything we know about Season 2 of Work Later, Drink Now. Here are the most recent developments on Season 2 of Work Later, Drink Now, including the return of several of the cast members.

The Show’s Cast and Season 2 Release Date

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Unfortunately, no release date for Season 2 of Work Later, Drink Now has been announced. Because the drama is still in the planning phases for a second season, a definite premiere date is impossible to predict. We may expect Work Later, Drink Now s2 to be released in mid-2022 if it is developed. According to rumours, all three primary female lead members will reprise their roles.

Jung Eun, Lee Sun Bin, and Han Sun Hwa Ji have been granted parts for season 2 based on industry experts’ findings. Furthermore, the trio is actively discussing it and seems to be looking forward to working together in the future. The latest news from Choi Siwon is currently unavailable. We may also see some new faces in the next season. Apart from a few tweets, there is no more information or a specific release date for season 2 yet.

Work Later, Drink Now The second season is still in the works.

Industry insiders revealed on November 23 that the creators of the Work Later, Drink Now program want to develop a second season. Work Later, Drink Now’s team also issued an official statement to provide light on the situation. They assured fans that they are looking forward to Season 2 as well. Season 2 is also being debated among the staff and production team to determine the clast, narrative, and other details.

On a regular basis, the program is certainly rising in popularity. The number of subscribers to TVING has quadrupled since the publication of Work Later, Drink Now. The show’s highlight trailers and promotions have also received millions of views. There had been a flurry of requests for Season 2 to be released. As a consequence, TVING and Bone Factory, a manufacturing company, are planning Season 2 shooting before Season 1 is finished.

Plot of a Series

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The story revolves on three women who feel that life is just one drink at a time. The three girls are all in their 30s and unmarried, and they like getting together after work and drinking with one another. Han Ji Yeon is a fitness and yoga teacher, and Kang Ji Gu is a YouTuber. Ahn So Hee works as a writer for media broadcasting channels, Han Ji Yeon is a fitness and yoga instructor, and Kang Ji Gu is a YouTuber. Meanwhile, Kang Book Goo works as a producer for a TV variety program.

He also likes spending time with them and socializing with the women while sipping wine. Drinker City Girls is a webcomic that inspired the drama. The identities and professions of the characters change somewhat. The tale from the webcomic will be continued in Season 2.

Where can you watch Season 1 of Work Later, Drink Now online?

Before going on to Season 2, you should watch and appreciate the first season of Work Later, Drink Now. So, how do you watch Work Later, Drink Now on the internet? There are around twelve new episodes available in the program right now. However, there is currently no legal way for overseas fans to watch the show online. However, it is still available to view on dramacool and my Asian television website.

In the future, we may expect it to be accessible on YouTube or other streaming platforms. TVING is also looking to extend its internet services throughout the world. As a result, you won’t have to worry about anything anytime soon; you’ll be able to watch Korean dramas and drink later on TVING.

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