What Fans Are Talking About After Watching Needle in a Timestack?

Needle in a Timestack is an upcoming quadrilogy film that has been anticipated by fans for years. After its premiere, the movie was met with mixed reviews and some even saying it doesn’t live up to expectations. Some of the reasons behind these varying opinions are discussed below!

Needle in a Time Stack, the most recent American sci-fi love drama, is based on Robert Silverberg’s short tale of the same name. The Oscar-winning director and writer John Ridley directed and wrote the film, which was released in select theaters and on VOD by Lionsgate on October 15, 2021. Zanne Devine, Matt Kennedy, Aaron L. Gilbert, and David Thwaites are the film’s deserving producers.

Janine Mikkelsen is played by Cynthia Erivo, Nick Mikkelsen is played by Leslie Odom Jr., Tommy Hambleton is played by Orlando Bloom, Alex Leslie is played by Freida Pinto, and Zoe Mikkelsen is played by Jadyn Wong.

After seeing Needle in a Timestack, what did fans have to say?

The plot revolves on two guys battling for a lady and utilizing time travel to deliver their bullets. Movies like About Time and Needle in a Timestack, on the other hand, have done an excellent job at portraying the genre of science fiction romance. However, it did not seem to be very attractive to the audience. Despite having its unique perspective on time travel and creativity, the work was seen as disturbing and failed to engage the audience.

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The film is set in a future world where time travel is commonplace and everyone appears to use it now and then, resulting in what are known as Time-shifts, which cause individuals to lose their memories several times. Nick and Janine’s marriage is jeopardized, however, as Nick fears that Janine’s previous lover Tommy is attempting to split the couple through time travel and succeeds.

To change the situation, Nick devises a strategy to put a stop to Tommy’s antics. The first half of the film looked to the audience to be relatively monotonous and under-budgeted, with several unneeded add-ons sprinkled throughout. Many people appeared to be bothered by the not-so-required excessively love pondering.

Is It Worth Watching Needle in a Timestack?

Despite its outstanding ensemble, fascinating narrative, and Oscar-winning director John Ridley’s directing, Needle in the Timestack appeared to disappoint with its representation. Despite Ridley’s emotionally charged words, the chemistry between the spouses looked to be absent throughout the film, leaving viewers uninterested in the coupling. Janine is portrayed as a simple object of devotion rather than a character with her own unique personality as a result of Nick and Tommy’s preoccupation with her.

Despite the fact that it is directed by Ridley Scott and has brilliant cast members, the film has little chance of winning any awards. To be honest, it’s difficult to express how inspiring it is to witness such talented people involved in the film’s development. However, there are a few bright points in the picture, such as sequences between Tommy and Alex (alone or together) and the appearance of Nick’s sister (Jadyn Wong) due to her logical voice. Giving this uneven melodramatic film a chance is therefore a risky proposition!

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What’s the Best Place to Stream Needle in a Timestack?

The film is presently only available in select theaters; however, this Lionsgate simulcast may be rented or purchased on platforms such as Google Play Movies, iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Prime Videos, AMC on Demand, and YouTube.