WandaVision’s Randall Park Wants Agents of ATLAS Spinoff With Kat Dennings

Like most of the people on the internet, WandaVision‘s Randall Park wants an Agents of ATLAS spin-off with Kat Dennings. With WandaVision, Marvel is ushering in a new television era for their expansive franchise over on Disney+. The series stars Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as the eponymous couple as they settle into married life following the events of Avengers: Endgame. However, not everything is quite right in their new town of Westview. For one thing, Vision isn’t even supposed to be alive. Week after week, WandaVision has dropped more and more clues about what’s going on.

WandaVision might be focused on Scarlet Witch and Vision, but a new duo took center stage in last week’s fourth episode: Jimmy Woo (Park) and Darcy Lewis (Dennings). Both characters have so far played supporting roles in the MCU and hadn’t even crossed paths until now. Nevertheless, as Jimmy and Darcy came together with SWORD to investigate Westview, fans celebrated this new, unlikely duo. It wasn’t long before spin-off talk began to emerge online, with many calling for an Agents of ATLAS series or something similar for the two characters.

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Screen Rant recently sat down with Park to discuss all things WandaVision. It was impossible to resist asking Park about the possibility of a spin-off focusing on Jimmy and Darcy, and while it doesn’t seem like anything is happening just yet, he’s definitely on board. Park shared his interest in the idea, declaring he would do it “in a heartbeat.” He said:

Randall Park: Hey, I would love that. I’m hearing a lot of feedback about our camaraderie and the way we work together. That camaraderie is real. I love Kat; I think she’s so amazing and so fun to work with, to work off of and to play with in these scenes. If that were to come up again, I do it in a heartbeat.

Marvel is currently going all-in on their streaming prospects, with several more shows in various stages of development. Just this week, a Wakanda series from Black Panther director Ryan Coogler was announced. Clearly, the studio has no plans to slow down any time soon, so perhaps a spin-off starring Jimmy and Darcy could be in the cards. The two proved to be an excellent working pair in WandaVision episode 4, and both have provided fans with plenty of laughs. Putting Darcy and Jimmy together for other adventures in the MCU would be a lot of fun.

Since Marvel plans everything out with such care, there’s a chance a Jimmy/Darcy series isn’t possible simply because it doesn’t fit within the overarching narrative. However, one could argue Jimmy and Darcy’s show doesn’t need to be a massive thing, just a simple procedural following the two as they investigate strange cases. Audiences would certainly be on board, and Park clearly is too. Now all that’s left is Marvel. Does anyone have Kevin Feige’s number?

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WandaVision continues Friday on Disney+.

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