WandaVision Will Reveal What Happened to Geraldine In Next Episode

Olsen has already teased a perspective shift for WandaVision‘s next episode, setting it up to be a significant chapter in the overarching story of WandaVision‘s nine-episode run. What that perspective shift means is unclear, but the choice of words is interesting. Olsen makes it sound as if we’ll be stepping outside the purview of Wanda and Vision. To provide answers that many are eager for, it sounds as if the show may finally step out of Westview to give fans a preview of the larger world at play in WandaVision. 

It’s pretty clear that Monica herself was unsure of who she was while in Westview, making many wonder what her purpose there was. Was she trapped there with Wanda and Vision, or did S.W.O.R.D. send her in to find out what exactly is going on? This perspective shift could explain all of this, and the possibility is an exciting one as WandaVision seems finally ready to open up about some of the mysteries that have been plaguing the show since its first episode in what Paul Bettany describes as a mind-blowing entry.

Source: TVLine

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