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WandaVision will have an episode stylized like The Office in its upcoming debut season. WandaVision is set to premiere on Disney+ in January, with episodes releasing weekly. One of its main inspirations is iconic sitcoms of the past, and the show is looking to evoke that in several ways. Not only did it film in front of a live studio audience, but many of its episodes will center around classic sitcoms and their themes. Shows such as I Love Lucy, Bewitched, The Dick Van Dyke Show, and The Brady Bunch have all been seen as sources of this inspiration in promotional materials.

One show that has not yet been mentioned, but that will significantly impact at least one episode is the long-running sitcom The Office. Led by Steve Carrell, the show ran for eight seasons on NBC and has a massive cult following that has only grown with the show’s syndication and its availability on streaming services. Initially inspired by the British sitcom of the same name starring Ricky Gervais, The Office was known for its deadpan sense of humor and its documentary-style camerawork that has inspired an entirely new generation of sitcoms, including Parks and Rec.

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Kevin Feige revealed in a new Empire article that, in addition to the classic sitcoms the show would pay homage to, it will also include an episode that is in the style of The Office. Feige also cites Modern Family as another sitcom that WandaVision will use as inspiration, in tandem with The Office and its documentary-style camerawork and formatting.

The Office is a different type of sitcom than what WandaVision has referenced so far. It’s also the most modern TV reference teased. With many of the classic sitcoms linked to WandaVision being centered around domestic life, The Office represents a break from that. How WandaVision will evoke the dry, workplace comedy remains to be seen. The documentary style of The Office will allow the show to explore even more facets of its characters. With direct interviews and documentary-like formatting, the series could delve deeper into these characters than any Marvel show or movie.

While the films have always had a comedic aspect, with highlights of the movies being how all the different heroes interact together, WandaVision and its sitcom inspirations will bring a new kind of comedy into the MCU. Its evoking of The Office shows just how far the show will be willing to go in exploring the damaged psyches of both Vision and Wanda. It’s also easy to forget that, at one point, Wanda and Vision were merely coworkers. Exploring The Office as inspiration will be one way to slyly pay homage to the fact that both heroes were part of the same team before their doomed romance began.

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