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Disney+’s WandaVision characters got four new Twitter emojis following the premiere of the show’s seventh episode. The Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first Phase 4 series follows Wanda Maximoff and Vision living in the idyllic town of Westview, a bizarre sitcom-inspired reality (aka “the Hex”) seemingly of Wanda’s creation. Each episode of the series adheres/pays homage to sitcom formats throughout the decades; beginning in the ‘50s and ‘60s, with many references to I Love Lucy and The Dick Van Dyke Show, and ending (presumably) in the ‘00s, alluding to popular mockumentaries like The Office and Modern Family.

“Breaking the Fourth Wall” sees Wanda moping in the aftermath of expanding the Hex’s borders to contain her once-dead lover, Vision. Despite SWORD’s repeated attempts at infiltration, Wanda has been able to keep her pocket reality together; however, in episode 7, her environment (and the objects within it) uncontrollably cycle through the decades. As her mental health crumbles, Wanda breaks the fourth wall and declares, “I plan on taking a quarantine-style staycation. A whole day. Just myself. That’ll show me.” This leads the quintessential “nosy neighbor” Agnes to take Tommy and Billy for the day, leaving Wanda home alone. After the premiere of WandaVision’s seventh episode, the two central characters, along with Agnes, received updated Twitter emojis.

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Continuing their weekly rollout, 100% Soft debuted four new official Twitter emojis for the series. The emojis appear whenever users type out the hashtags, #WandaVision, #Wanda, #TheVision, and #AgnesTheNeighbor. The emojis are cute ‘00s versions of each character from the show’s newest episode. Check out the emojis below:

Twitter emojis have become a large part of any pop culture phenomenon, and WandaVision has been no different. Artist Truck Torrance (@100soft) has worked with Marvel Studios to translate WandaVision’s main and supporting characters (including Darcy Lewis, Jimmy Woo, Monica Rambeau, and Pietro Maximoff AKA Quicksilver) into “kawaii” style emojis. In addition to its unconventional narrative, the fun of WandaVision is its central mystery—building upon intrigue with Easter eggs and hints. As things unfold, fans have used new images in their tweets to refer to specific episodes/characters/moments, defer to the comics, alternate realities, and above all, theorize.

Episode 4 provided fans with some much-needed (and perhaps expected) clarity surrounding one particular “nosy neighbor.” Having apparently explored every sitcom era, WandaVision can now focus on the true nature of Wanda’s predicament and the series’ big bad. Paul Bettany has promised that the show ends up as a “full, MCU action movie,” which is what many expect in its final episodes. Assuming things in the Hex will maintain a modern aesthetic, emojis debuting in the coming weeks will most likely revolve around character reveals and default MCU costumes.

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