WandaVision Is Set Immediately After Avengers: Endgame

The Disney+ series’ plot is so cloaked in mystery that any tidbit of information could help piece together this still-confusing puzzle, so theorists may be able to work with this new clue. Considering the greater MCU timeline, however, there are definitely still questions. For instance, does this mean WandaVision takes place “right after” Endgame’s final battle, or a matter of weeks or months following the events of the movie? Is WandaVision happening before Spider-Man: Far From Home (or perhaps concurrently)?

Clarity and WandaVision don’t go hand in hand at the moment, but fans can assume these answers will come in time. Answering all of WandaVision’s many questions is a tall order, but the series has promised to do just that and more, addressing how Vision is alive, what exactly is happening to Wanda, and what role the SWORD organization is playing in all of this. Parris even teased that the show will reveal Monica’s own backstory and what she’s been up to since first appearing as a child in Captain Marvel.

Of course, time is fairly flexible for someone with reality-altering powers like Wanda, but the series seems to be progressing through time in linear fashion via sitcom history. Starting with a black-and-white ’50s homage, each subsequent episode appears to be moving through the decades. Therefore, WandaVision will presumably catch up to the present day soon enough, and that’s more than likely where Wanda, and her audience, will find answers.

Source: TVLine

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