WandaVision Had No Plan B If They Couldn’t Cast Evan Peters

It makes sense Schaeffer and her team didn’t have a backup plan for casting fake Pietro, as he’s very much the sort of character who requires a certain actor. Other than episode 6,  “All-New Halloween Spooktacular!,” fake Pietro doesn’t have a huge impact on WandaVision‘s overall storyline. His biggest moment comes with the reveal that it is in fact Peters playing him. Without that connection, the character would likely fall flat and mean a lot less to viewers, especially those who spent much of WandaVision‘s run theorizing about what his arrival could mean for the MCU’s Multiverse.

Schaeffer also makes a good point about Peters’ acting skills being a big part of the reason why the character works. Despite the fact his Pietro had no previous relationship with Wanda, Peters sold the bond between the two, becoming the perfect stand-in for Wanda to explore her grief over her brother’s passing, while also handling the show’s more comedic moments with ease. All told, it’s for the best WandaVision was able to cast Peters, as it’s now impossible to imagine fake Pietro being played by someone else.

Source: The New York Times

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