WandaVision Gets A Powerpuff Girls-Inspired Makeover In New Art

A new piece of fan art imagines what WandaVision would have looked like if there had been a Powerpuff Girls-inspired episode, and we’re here for it. The hit Disney+ show featured a central framing deviceĀ that placed the characters in a number of scenarios inspired by classic sitcoms. FromĀ Bewitched toĀ Malcolm in the Middle and evenĀ an episode inspired byĀ Modern Family which left star Julie Bowen speechless,Ā WandaVision made sitcom history a central part of the show.

The references weren’t random, though, with the show explaining Wanda had created the sitcom worlds from her favorite TVĀ shows from childhood. While the references all ended up connecting to sitcoms, showrunnerĀ Jac Schaeffer has revealed thatĀ WandaVision originally had a CSI-style concept for episode 4, which would have turned the concept on its head. That revelation has led to speculation about whatĀ WandaVision would have looked like if they had chosen to reference other types of TV shows, from crime dramas to soap operas and even animated series. While that never happened, one fan has decided to take the concept into their own hands and created a unique piece of fan art combining the Marvel Cinematic Universe with a classic 1990s kid’s animated show.

Instagram user Justin Fritz has combinedĀ WandaVision and theĀ Powerpuff Girls, giving Wanda and Vision a cartoon makeover. The inventive art sees the pair wearing their traditional comic book costumes, with Vision’s yellow, green, and red look alongside Wanda’s Scarlet Witch costume, as seen in the Halloween episode ofĀ WandaVision. The art is drawn perfectly in theĀ Powerpuff GirlsĀ style, all sharp angles and big eyes, with determined facial expressions. You can see it below:

Besides being a fun piece of art, the image also presents a look at what might have been. WhileĀ WandaVision enjoyed playing with fan expectations and using the TV format to upend the story, it never once went as far as doing an animated episode, which feels like a lost opportunity in retrospect. A mid-season episodeĀ that paid homage to the classic animated shows of the 1990s would have been well received, and timely given that theĀ Powerpuff Girls live-action reboot is currently in development.

There is, of course, still a chance forĀ WandaVisionĀ to go down the animated route if season 2 is ever greenlit. While the finale seemed to end the story once and for all, there were remnants of Westview left behind, including Agatha, who remains trapped in the alternate reality as nosy neighbor Agnes. It seems unlikely to happen, but Marvel won’t rule outĀ WandaVisionĀ season 2, and you can never say never when it comes to the company. If it does come to pass, an animated episode would be a sure hit with audiences.

Source:Ā Justin Fritz/Instagram

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