WandaVision Episode 5 Cast Guide: Every Marvel Character

Josh Stamberg as Director Hayward – Josh Stamberg returns as the acting director of SWORD, Tyler Hayward. He’s previously had roles in¬†The Affair and¬†Parenthood.

Asif Ali as Norm –¬†Asif Ali¬†is back as Norm in¬†WandaVision episode 5 when Vision goes to work. He’s previously appeared in episodes of¬†The Mandalorian¬†and¬†New Girl.

Alan Heckner as Agent Monti –¬†Alan Heckner is back as Agent Monti in this episode. Heckner is best known for playing Bump Weathers in Doom Patrol.

Selena Anduze as Agent Rodriguez –¬†Selena Anduze¬†returns to¬†WandaVision¬†as Agent Rodriguez in episode 5. Anduze is best known for her role as Caroline Woodrue in¬†Swamp Thing.

Jenna Kanell as Med Tech РJenna Kanell joins WandaVision as a med tech examining Monica Rambeau after returning from Westview. Kanell previously has had roles in The Front Runner and The Bye Bye Man.

Amos Glick as Dennis the Mailman –¬†Amos Glick¬†returns as Westview’s mailman, Dennis, for a brief scene in episode 5. He previously appeared in the first two episodes, as well as¬†Agents of SHIELD¬†season 7.

Victoria Blade as Commercial Woman –¬†Victoria Blade returns as the Commercial Woman after a single episode break. She previously appeared in episodes of¬†Doom Patrol¬†and¬†The Outsider.

Ithamar Enriquez as Commercial Man –¬†Ithamar Enriquez returns as the mysterious Commercial Man in episode 5. He can be seen in¬†Lady Bird¬†and¬†A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Sydney Thomas as Commercial Girl –¬†Sydney Thomas appears in¬†WandaVision¬†as Commercial Girl. She recently had a role in Netflix’s¬†Tall Girl.

Wesley Kimmel as Commercial Boy –¬†Wesley Kimmel¬†is in¬†WandaVision¬†episode 5 as Commercial Boy. The young actor previously appeared in¬†The Rookie¬†and¬†Good Girls.

Eli Everett as SWORD Drone Pilot – Eli Everett joins¬†WandaVision for a small role as one of SWORD’s drone pilots. He’s recently had small roles in¬†Mindhunter and¬†Cobra Kai.

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