Viewers in tears as Michael Watson forgives Chris Eubank on Life Stories

Viewers tuning into Piers Morgan’s Life Stories on Thursday evening were left feeling rather emotional as Michael Watson told Chris Eubank that he forgives him.

Michael, 55, suffered a near-fatal brain injury when they boxed each other in 1991 for the WBO super-middleweight title.

The former boxer was sat in the audience for Chris’ interview with Good Morning Britain host Piers, when the infamous fight was brought up.

Chris admitted that he cannot find the words to say how sorry he is, and said he still struggles to comprehend the impact of the fight 30 years ago that put Michael in a coma for 40 days and left him partially disabled.

“I don’t know whether I can even make sense of what happened… him having to go through what he’s gone through and to still be here.

“I can’t tell you how sorry I am. It’s the only regret in my career,” Chris told Piers as he broke down.

The camera then panned to Michael, who told Chris: “It’s ok bruv, let’s move on in life. Peace and love, that’s all in the past.

“We’re together, let’s live and love. We are real, God bless you Chris, one love,” he added.

Viewers tuning in at home admitted that they were in tears watching the exchange between the two men.

“Such an emotional moment hearing from Michael Watson on Chris Eubank’s #LifeStories,” one person said.

Another tweeted: “Tough watch this. Crying like a baby and not apologising. Bless @ChrisEubank and Michael…wow!”

Michael Watson was sat in the audience for the interview and told Chris that it's 'all in the past'
Michael Watson was sat in the audience for the interview and told Chris that it’s ‘all in the past’

A third added: “@piersmorgan that is one of the most emotional moments on TV with Chris eubank. Chris and Michael have just had the nation in tears. That word of love and friendship is important in life.i applaud them both.”

A fourth person penned: “Listening to Michael Watson speak on @piersmorgan life stories is quite a moving moment.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Chris spoke about the breakdown of his marriage to first wife Karron and also about the time he was homeless and struggled with money.

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