Viewers cringe as Martin Kemp’s wife says she’d rather watch TV than have sex

Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow returned tonight – but viewers were left cringing as Martin Kemp’s wife Shirlie admitted she’d rather watch TV than have sex.

Going head to head with Nicola Adams and her partner Ella, Martin and Shirley were asked what percentage of viewers would rather binge-watch TV than have sex.

Alan had asked: “We asked 100 married people ‘Would you rather binge watch your favourite TV series than have a bit of ‘how’s your father’?’ How many said, ‘Yes, we’d rather binge watch our favourite TV series than a bit of ‘how’s your father’?”

Instantly, Shirley said: “I’d rather binge watch.”

Astounded, Alan asked: “What shows have you been watching – Naked Attraction?!”

Defending himself, Martin insisted: “Yeah, I was just saying you could end up with best of both worlds!”

Fans were left wincing, with one tweeting a GIF with ‘you what?!’ attached: “When shirlie said she’d rather binge watch #EpicGameshow.”

While another wrote with crying laughing emojis: “Oooh, she’d rather binge watch!! #EpicGameshow.”

A third joked: “#EpicGameshow After you have binge-watched, you’ve got plenty of time for, well… you know!”

*Alan Carr’s Epic Gameshow returns next Saturday on ITV

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