This Morning fans baffled as callers are scared of bananas and belly buttons

This Morning viewers were left scratching their heads when callers rang in for advice about their rather unusual phobias.

A woman called Ethlyn said she was absolutely terrified of bananas, while another named Claire revealed she is scared of belly buttons.

The two women called up to get help from the Speakmans about how to cure their phobias.

Ethlyn said she can’t even look at bananas without feeling ill, saying: “I have no idea why this phobia started.

“If I smell them they make me feel sick, I can’t look at them because they make me panic.

“I cant even go down the aisle in the supermarket when I know they’ll be there.”

The Speakmans worked out that the fear came from when Claire’s little sister was a baby and her belly button was still healing so she was afraid to touch it.

Her call ended when she was able to look at her belly button.

The segment left viewers baffled, with one tweeting: “BANANAS CAN’T DO ANYTHING. 4 days of isolation left. Get me back to work, that’s enough daytime TV.”

“Bananas and belly buttons. Are those seriously genuine phobias?” another posted.

A third agreed: “Bananas, belly buttons…what’s next….phobia of beds!!! Give me strength!”

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