Themes in Geeli Pucchi from Ajeeb Daastaans

Geeli Pucchi is a popular Indian television show that aired on the Indian channel Colors TV. The show, which was created by Ekta Kapoor, has been praised for its unique themes and characters.

The geeli pucchi ajeeb daastaans ending explained is a song from the movie Ajeeb Daastaans. It was released on Geeli Pucchi’s YouTube channel and has been viewed over one million times.

The topic of food is also used throughout Geeli Pucchi’s story to highlight the contrasts between its characters. Bharti and Priya’s friendship starts on Priya’s first day at work, when she comes down to the canteen (which is oddly located) and eats lunch with her. Bharti declines Priya’s offer of stuffed okra that she brought from home. Bharti eats her lunch from a square steel lunchbox. Priya then inquires about women’s bathrooms, to which Bharti curtly responds that there aren’t enough women in the area to warrant separate toilets, forgetting that she, too, is a woman. Priya and Bharti’s friendship blossoms later, and they go out to eat dahi vada. Priya tells the shopkeeper not to put saunth on Bharti’s plate, but she tells him to put saunth on hers and make it hot. The camera moves to the two plates of dahi vada (like the earlier instant when workers took food from the factory). In Neeraj Ghaywan’s first film Masaan, a similar sequence depicted the early stages of Deepak’s (Vicky Kaushal) and Shalu’s (Shweta Tripathi) relationship. While having a snack on the road, Vicky and his buddy present Shalu’s pal with a teddy bear. Shalu is disputing with the vendor, claiming that not enough chutney had been added.



Bharti and Priya become close friends after that. They’re having lunch together now. Priya gives Bharti food from her spoon once again. Bharti is a little hesitant at first, but she eats it anyhow. Priya later invites Bharti to lunch at her chhota sa kona, where males are not permitted. Bharti, too, offers Priya her lunch this time. Through food, this depicts the many phases of their love.


In the film, there are more food-related sequences that highlight the linked caste-related biases. Priya is invited to Bharti’s house, where she is served chicken. Priya is not permitted to eat it in her home since upper-caste religious households believe that non-vegetarian cuisine is linked with impurity. Priya kisses Bharti’s hands after tasting her chicken, and the film’s title Geeli Pucchi, which means sloppy kisses, is based on this. During Priya’s birthday, the issue of eating vegetarian cuisine in an upper-caste family is further highlighted. Her spouse informs everyone that his mahant father is allergic to eggs. As a result, on his wife’s birthday, he bakes an eggless barfi cake.




Priya’s birthday is subsequently celebrated at work, when her boss and coworkers cut a real cake for her. Bharti is not invited to the party since Priya has asked her to stay outside. Outside, a devastated Bharti observes the events. She is eventually summoned to deliver the cake to the rest of the manufacturing employees. Bharti is disgusted when one of the guys puts a filthy napkin on the serving dish. She is handled with indifference.



Bharti pays a visit to Priya after her kid is born in the film’s closing scenes. Priya’s mother-in-law begs her to persuade her daughter-in-law to quit her work. Tea is served to Bharti in a separate steel cup. In many families, keeping separate sets of utensils for lower-caste individuals is a widespread practice. It’s worth noticing that Geeli Pucchi begins with a tone of sharing utensils and food and ends with a sound of separation. Pagglait, directed by Umesh Bisht, had a scene in which the Hindu family gave the Muslim acquaintance tea in a separate cup. Munna (Prateik Babbar) visits Shai (Monica Dogra) in her apartment, and her domestic worker gives him tea in a glass while bringing a ceramic cup for her at Kiran Rao’s Dhobi Ghat. Shai is humiliated, so he reverses the serving.




Bharti and Priya are also shown in various contrasts by Geeli Pucchi. Bharti is single and lives alone in her home. The street dog is her sole friend. Priya lives with her family in a small area with other family members, and she sleeps on the floor with them. She and her husband had sex in the bathroom and don’t even get a few minutes of solitude. (Alankrita Shrivastava has lately portrayed this shortage of room in both her films Lipstick Under My Burkha and Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare.) Bharti, on the other hand, dresses how she pleases, in darker colors, in keeping with her butch attitude. Priya, on the other hand, is dressed in brighter colors and conventional feminine clothing. Priya’s mother-in-law assists her in wearing a saree while advising her to keep friendships with people of like status, metaphorically indicating that Priya is not really free and is bound by her family’s laws.


Geeli Pucchi seems a bit remote, while Masaan left one with a punch in the stomach and finished on a poignant note. Perhaps it’s because the characters and their acts exist in a gray area, preventing them from being completely accepted. They are either none of them or all of them victims. The one thing that all of Neeraj Ghaywan’s characters have in common is their love loneliness. Deepak and Devi from Masaan, as well as Bharti from Geeli Pucchi, grieve the loss of a romance that might have been so much more and altered their lives. Life, on the other hand, has plans for the future. “Mann kasturi re, jag dasturi re, baat hui na poori re,” they said in Masaan. The heart, like the musk deer, never finds peace.


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