The Same Old Bright But With A Different Style

Bright is a new TV show that has been getting a lot of buzz. It’s about a group of people who are brought together to fight crime and save the world, but they also have to deal with each other’s personal lives. The show is set in present day LA and has been described as “The O.C.” meets “Stranger Things”.

The the water is wide is a song by the band Blind Willie Johnson. It was released in 1927 and has been recorded many times since then.

Developing a new franchise is a difficult job. Not only does the first film need to have enough material for the picture itself, but it also has to leave enough strands open so that sequels and spin-offs may pick from a variety of narrative paths. It’s not simple; the goal is to reach a four-quadrant target group, which includes children, teenagers, adults, and even the elderly. 

Bright, a film directed by David Ayer, written by Max Landis, and starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton, was released on Netflix in 2017 in an attempt to kickstart a new series. Bright had all of the makings of a fantastic new series, but the picture itself was a letdown. Max Landis’ initial concept was a contemporary version on The Lord of the Rings, complete with rich history and mythology, which evolved into something more akin to a typical buddy police film. Bright: Samurai Soul is now available on Netflix. Is this new edition going to be able to bring the series back to life, or is it doomed from the start? 

Yuuki Nomura, Daisuke Hirakawa, Shion Wakayama, and Miyavi appear in Kyohei Ishiguro’s Bright: Samurai Soul. The tale follows Izo, a ronin who lived during the Meiji Restoration and now works in a brothel. When the brothel is assaulted by unknown forces, Izo teams up with an orc called Raiden to defend Sonya, a young elf girl being followed by a group of nefarious characters. 


Japanese animation, or anime as it is more often known, is a distinct medium with a staggeringly diverse range of material. Everything is available, from children’s programs to detective tales, science fiction novels, horror, fantasy, and even some more mature material. Everything is there, and anime companies have been able to polish their craft to the greatest degree for decades.

Some companies have started experimenting with 3D animation, mostly cel-shading, recently, owing to the high demand for anime programs. This animation technique uses vectors to generate 3D models that retain some of the 2D beauty that has made anime so famous across the globe. It takes a lot less time to use 3D technology than it does to sketch and animate in the traditional manner. Regrettably, the new technology is not yet available, and its limits are clear. 

This new animation style will be a dealbreaker for many from the first seconds of its runtime. This technique clearly does not look as nice as the previous way, at least not yet, and it makes the characters seem rigid in contrast to the flow that hand sketching provides. In addition, the animators are attempting to replicate the aesthetic of ancient Japanese artworks from the period by using a watercolor color palette. When it comes to almost-static pictures, the impact is incredible. It may work in the future, but for the time being, every time a production takes this path, it seems to be a step back from conventional animation. 

The fact that the plot is a mere replica of the live action picture is another choice that may harm the film from the start. If you’ve watched the live-action picture, you’ve already seen Samurai Soul. It’s odd that, given the chance to create something fresh in this world, the filmmakers decided to essentially repeat the previous film. Every beat is covered, but the police have been transformed into samurai and mercenaries. Even the MacGuffin is the same in both flicks. The picture seems sloppy and insignificant as a result of this perplexing choice. Maybe they’re attempting to resurrect the franchise with the same narrative, but it seems even more ridiculous. 

The performers’ performances are excellent; they do the best they can with what they have, but the material is clearly inadequate at every turn. Outside of Raiden, the orc, the other characters are uninteresting and lack personality. 


The selected animation style also has a significant impact on the action scenes. The animation team is clearly attempting to do something unique with the camera work. This is reasonable since working with a 3D model makes this kind of job simpler. However, when the camera work approaches that of a live-action picture, the characters’ motions begin to shatter the illusion. 

This movie may prove that Bright isn’t the franchise Netflix hoped for, at least not in its present incarnation. The world seems to be brimming with possibilities, but Netflix has decided to tell the same narrative again, although with a new coat of paint on each occasion. 

Bright: Samurai Soul may be excellent enough to pass the time for an 80-minute movie, or even as background music if you need something to listen to while doing anything else. However, with poor animation, a repetitive narrative, and a conclusion that leaves little room for further exploration, Bright may be coming to an end. 

RATING: 4/10

The waly waly is a song by the band The Same Old Bright But With A Different Style. It was released in the year of 2016.

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