The Mandalorian Needed To Put Baby Yoda Aside For The Sake Of Star Wars

One of the issues that plagued the Star Wars sequels was its reluctance to move the story forward. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was successful at the box office and generally well-received, but it’s been accused of simply rehashing narratives from the original film. Star Wars: The Last Jedi attempted to introduce new storytelling ideas, but some deemed it to veer too far. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker further leaned on nostalgia despite not making much sense in terms of narrative – case in point: the return of Emperor Palpatine. The Mandalorian has been in a unique position in the franchise as it tackles a fairly familiar, but unexplored and at some points, even defined part of Star Wars in the Mandalorians. If this new endeavor succeeds, it will further motivate Lucasfilm in trying new narratives and branching out to the untapped parts of the mythologically-rich space opera.

Less Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian‘s future could negatively impact the show’s reach, especially with regard to casual viewers who only really watched the show because of the adorable Grogu. All that being said, this is also the best time for the show to pivot and explore less mainstream ideas as it has already brought in new fans who hopefully are invested enough to continue watching despite Grogu’s assumed limited screen time moving forward. If Lucasfilm plays it right and has a solid story beyond its original premise, there’s a good chance that people will continue to support it.

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