‘The Devil Is A Part-Timer!’ Comes Back With Season 2 And Some Family Fun

In the latest season of “The Devil Is a Part-Timer!” (nicknamed D.I.P.T.), Ashiya, who is also known as Satan from hell, has been living under Sakura’s care at her small apartment for some time now and the two coexist just fine with their different views on life despite differences in sex and age which are revealed in this new episode!

The “the devil is a part-timer season 2 netflix” is an anime that was released on July 3, 2015. The series follows the adventures of Satan and his demon underlings in modern-day Tokyo.

'The Devil Is A Part-Timer!' Comes Back With Season 2 And Some Family Fun

The Dengeki Bunko Winter Festival Online 2021 revealed some exciting new details about the upcoming second season of the fan-favorite series The Devil is a Part-Timer, including new cast members, a main trailer, a new series title, staff members, and the fact that the story will revolve around Sadao Mao and Emi Yusa’s Daughter.

The main trailer is included below:


Hina Kino, who is well known for dubbing Hanako Honda from Asobi Asobase, will play the very cute new cast members Alas Ramus (Sadao Mao and Emi Yusa’s Daughter). Ramus may be seen in both the main trailer and the new key graphic below:


The Devil is a Part-Timer!! will be the new title for the program, which will be created by Studio 3hz (renowned for their animation Dimension W). The series will be directed by Daisuke Tsukushi, with music composed by Masahiro Yokotani, character design by Yudai Iino, and animation supervised by Yoshihiro Takeda. In July 2022, the series will debut.

The Devil is a Part-Timer is a light novel series authored by Satoshi Wagahara and drawn by 029. Studio White Fox animated the first season, which aired from April 4, 2013 to June 27, 2013. The first season’s synopsis is available below:

One of the most eagerly anticipated anime series of the Spring 2013 season was Devil is a Part-Timer. The anime is an adaptation of Satoshi Wagahara’s light novel series of the same name. Sadao Maou, the Devil King, and his struggles to reclaim his position in the Devil Kingdom are told in Devil is a Part-Timer.

The Devil King’s attempts to seize control of Ente Isla have been repeatedly thwarted by the Hero Emilia Justina, so he decides to try a new strategy: go to Japan! I pretended to be a part-time employee at McDonald’s. Devil King Maou manipulates his way into the good graces of the Devil King’s archenemy.

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The “the devil is a part-timer characters” is back with Season 2 and some family fun. The series follows the adventures of Satan, who has to work as a waiter at an Italian restaurant in Tokyo after being kicked out of Heaven.

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