The Boys Season 3 Set Photos Reveal A Gun Convention Just for Girls

The Boys season 3 set photos reveal a gun convention that’s drenched in pink and sponsored by Vought. The series, which is adapted from the eponymous comic book, centers on a team of dysfunctional civilians that join forces to battle against corrupt and immoral superpowered individuals. Since premiering in 2019, The Boys has seen a surge in popularity which has led to plenty of speculation about what the third installment will entail.

Among the most anticipated aspects regarding The Boys season 3 is the announcement that Herogasm will be explored in an episode written by Jessica Chou. Based on a miniseries from the comics, Herogasm will see the superpowered characters retreat to a remote island for a drug-fueled orgy which continues for days. It’s also been announced that Jensen Ackles will be joining the cast in the role of Soldier Boy. While fans will have to wait for details on how these two stories will play out on screen, fans can rest assured that the Amazon Prime series will continue its sharp social satire.

Eric Kripke, the showrunner of The Boys, posted photos from the set of season 3 which reveal a gun convention that’s cynically marketed for women. Vought, who are behind the event, are typically ostentatious in their approach, alternating pop culture references and tugging on emotional heartstrings to get their point across. You can check it below:

It’s not the first time the show has waded into the issue of guns. During an episode of The Boys season 2, Homelander expresses the need for thoughts and prayers after a tragedy occurs. This is, of course, similar to the sentiment that many politicians turn to in the face of mass shootings. The series also regularly satirizes the way corporations, such as Vought, use innocuous and positive messages of inclusion and diversity for destructive purposes. The scene teased by Kripke looks to continue in that vein. While it’s unclear if Linda Lockett, the woman in the advertisements, will be an on-screen character, she does share the name of an Art Department Coordinator on the show.

It could be the case that the gun convention serves as a background to the larger stories of The Boys, including how Homelander and Butcher intend to bounce back from their stinging defeats. There’s also the mystery of Victoria Neuman, and what her goals might be, and how her working relationship with Hughie could evolve as a result. The show has so far ably mixed its social commentary with its more wide-ranging narrative ambitions, a factor which has helped its growing success.

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