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Following The Boys season 2, fans theorized the medley of directions the show could go. Obviously, the central question is how and if Billy Butcher will reunite the group after the tragedy that fell upon him at the conclusion of season 2. Hughie also unknowingly teams up with Congresswoman Neuman, who is responsible for many of the murders in season 2. Homelander, though, remains the central threat in season 3. Some details about the new season have been released, but much is still ambiguous about what will unfold in The Boys’ third season creating even greater anticipation for its release.

A release date has yet to be announced, however with production swiftly underway, fans are hoping for a release date before the end of 2021. Many productions have failed to prevent outbreaks on set, but as of late there have been successful shoots amid the pandemic. If The Boys team can get through production safely without any setbacks, there is a chance the show could be available before 2022. The Boys season 3 will probably up the stakes higher than ever before, and hopefully this time, Amazon will consider releasing the new season all at once.

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