Tanya Roberts Confirmed Dead at 65 Following Earlier False Reports

Following conflicting reports regarding her death, actress Tanya Roberts died Monday at age 65. Her partner, Lance O’Brien, confirmed her death on Tuesday.

Roberts was hospitalized after collapsing on Christmas Eve and later placed on a ventilator. On Jan. 3, her publicist, Mike Pingel, mistakenly announced her death to the media, leading several news outlets to prematurely publish obituaries, only to be informed that she was still alive. Pingel later attributed the mistake to a communication error between himself and O’Brien. 

After starring in a few films, Roberts’ claim to fame arrived in 1980, when she replaced Shelley Hack on the fifth season of Charlie’s Angels. One of her most memorable roles of all time came in 1985, when she starred as Bond girl Stacey Sutton opposite Roger Moore in A View to Kill. Roberts also acted in films such as The BeastmasterSheena: Queen of the Jungle, and Body Slam.

She eventually became known to a whole new generation when she starred as Midge Pinciotti, Donna’s (Laura Prepon) kooky mother, on That ’70s Show. Her last appearance on screen was in an episode of Showtime’s 2005 comedy Barbershop.

Roberts is survived by O’Brien and her sister, Barbara Chase.

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