Taking Time To Grief Is The Best Way To Heal

Grief is a common emotion that can be difficult to manage. If you are grieving, it may take time before you feel like yourself again. However, taking the time to grieve is the best way to heal and move on with your life.

The psychological effects of death of a loved one is an article that discusses the psychological and emotional impacts that occur in people after the death of a loved one.

‘One Summer’ is the most recent tearjerker from Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, which, unlike its sister channel Hallmark, has some substance to its programming. On October 3, this romantic comedy made its debut. 

The film is based on a book by popular author David Baldacci with the same title. Rich Newey directs this odd romcom, which is based on a script written by Michael Reisz and Maria Nation. Sam Page, best known for the comedic drama series “The Bold Type,” Sarah Drew from “Grey’s Anatomy,” and cult classic commentator Amanda Schull from “One Tree Hill” and “Center Stage” appear in the one-and-a-half-hour film “One Summer.”

The plot revolves on Jack Armstrong, who is portrayed by Sam Page. The guy is terminally sick, yet it is his wife who dies suddenly unexpectedly. As a consequence of this tragedy, Jack miraculously recovers from his equally strange sickness, and he returns to his wife’s Lizzie’s (Amanda Schull) birthplace for the summer, a location she dubbed “The Palace.” Jack brings his 15-year-old daughter Mikki, portrayed by Madeline Grace Popovich, and his ten-year-old son Taylor with him to help them recover after the loss of their mother and wife.


With healing comes a new beginning, and in order to alleviate their suffering, Jack gets busy and begins assisting a newly divorced single mother named Jenna, played by Sarah Drew. He’s developed some carpentry talents over the years, which he puts to use when he assists Jenna with a new project for her café. Meanwhile, Mikki is struggling to deal with her mother’s loss, and she despises living in the new town until she begins working at Jenna’s café and spends more time with her boss’s son Liam, as well as Bryant Prince, when the two discover that they have a passion for music.

There is a lighthouse in this new town, which is his wife Lizzie’s hometown, where she used to enjoy playing as a kid. It’s now windswept and shackled, so Jack decides to renovate it in order to keep his beloved better half’s memories alive. While at work, he begins to have glimpses of Lizzie and even converses with her. Through these visions, Lizzie assures Jack that the family will be happy in their new home even if she isn’t there. As the threesome works to restore their lives, they realize that this town and their newfound family may hold the key to them once again becoming a happy family.

The plot differs from other rom coms in that the romance takes a back seat to the rest of the narrative. It focuses more on the guy than the lady since it is about sorrow, family, and beginning again.

Despite the great ensemble and outstanding performances, the storyline has many plot holes and ambiguities. For example, we discover that Jack is suffering from a fatal illness and is on the brink of passing away until he unexpectedly recovers after the death of his seemingly healthy wife. However, we never discover what ailment he had or what caused his recovery.

Though Drew is excellent in the short moments in which she appears, one can’t help but feel that her abilities were underutilized when there was so much opportunity for her character to be expanded. Drew portrays a waitress in the village where the Armstrongs recuperate during their summer vacation. She helps both Jack and Mikki feel better, but as a divorced single mother, she has faced her own set of difficulties. Despite having tremendous potential represented by immense skill, this character’s path is not obvious. Exploring her backstory and travels would have given the plot more richness and flesh.

The scenes are spotless; there are no kissing scenes or improper moments in the film, making it suitable for the whole family, but because it’s a Hallmark movie, nothing R-rated is permitted on the channel.

The music is excellent and well-used, Madeline’s musical performance, as well as her acting in the film, is outstanding, and the scenery is stunningly beautiful throughout.

Liam’s character is just as stagnant as his mother’s Jenna, but it’s precisely what Mikki needs to start moving ahead, and it’s very wonderful to see her improve every day by creating music with Liam.

Page’s connection with the two women, Drew and Schull, is fantastic. Drew’s connection is good and believable, while Schull’s connection is strong despite not being hot. Schull, who plays a ghost in ‘One Tree Hill,’ stands up to her moniker and nails it in this part as well.

Mikki’s near drowning incident, as well as the restoration of the lighthouse, add little value to the story. They are merely afterthoughts intended to tie the narrative together and provide a logical conclusion, but they utterly fail to do so. “The tale was wonderful, but what just happened?” one may think afterward.


The film ‘One Summer’ raises more questions than it answers. Mikki and Liam are clearly dating, which is OK if their parents don’t hook up since they will now be legally siblings, and dating one stepbrother or sister on TV is prohibited regardless of when the two meet. So what happens if their parents reconcile? Since then, Jack and Jenna have become close, with ghost Lizzie gently chastising Jack for flirting with Jenna. As a result of the film’s lack of direction in terms of what occurs romantically, viewers are left on a cliffhanger.

Despite a few flaws, ‘One Summer’ knocks it out of the park, emphasizing that acceptance without giving up love is healthy sorrow, while also emphasizing that grief and love require time.


How to cope with grief is the first step in the healing process. It can be difficult to take time out of your day to grieve, but it’s important to do so. Reference: how to cope with grief.

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