Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick in ‘horrible’ Covid fight urges fans to follow rules

Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick has revealed he has been fighting a “horrible” Covid-19 battle for weeks.

The TV vet, 53, took to Instagram on Thursday were he shared an update with his fans and detailed how the virus had left him “exhausted”.

He also thanked his fans for their well-wishes and gave an update on his health, saying he got a ‘horrible dose’ of the virus but is ‘over the worst’.

Noel, who previously treated Meghan Markle’s dog and Russell Brand’s cat, shared a video talking to his 240,000 followers, as he held his cat Excalibur on his lap.

The star of Channel 4’s series The Supervet also urged fans to observe social distancing and to continue wearing face mask as he emphasised how “we’re not done with this thing” reports MailOnline.

Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick reveals he is 'exhausted' after fighting Covid for weeks
Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick reveals he is ‘exhausted’ after fighting Covid for weeks

He said: “Hi everybody Noel and Excalibur here, just having a cuddle. I wanted to reach out and say thank you for your good wishes.

“Some of you will know I’ve had Covid pretty bad these last couple of weeks. It’s a horrible dose and leaves you very exhausted so I guess what I wanted to say is: ‘We’re not done with this thing and you’ve got to look after each other.

“You’ve gotta observe the rules, wear your masks and observe social distancing and importantly get your vaccine if you can.”

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick has revealed he has been battling Covid-19 for weeks
Professor Noel Fitzpatrick

Noel continued: “Because this is a bad disease and it really takes it out [of you] and I can’t emphasise enough that you’ve got to be careful still.’

“If you can, give your animals a cuddle. That always makes things better but take care of each other.

“We’re not done till we’re done so do the right thing, look after each other and thank you so much for looking out for me. God bless.’

In his caption, he revealed he was ‘over the worst’ and thanked people for their support, writing: “Thanks everyone for your kind wishes.

“I’m thankfully over the worst having had Covid, it really packs a punch. Be careful out there and look after each other x.”

Noel Fitzpatrick says he is now over the worst of it as he urged fans to follow social distancing
Noel says he is now over the worst of it as he urged fans to follow social distancing

The ‘Supervet’ has previously received praise from presenter Declan Donnelly who took to Instagram in January and credited the Noel Fitzpatrick for saving his beloved dachshund Rocky’s life.

The Britain’s Got Talent star, 45, shared a photograph of the vet cuddling the animal, and thanked him for getting Rocky back to full health after the attack.

The little sausage dog was seen by the TV vet after he was savaged by a fox in the garden of Declan’s west London home.

Declan took to Instagram to share a picture of the vet cuddled up with his pooch, branding the vet and his colleagues ‘heroes’.

He wrote: “Another thank you to this guy @profnoelfitzpatrick and his amazing staff for looking after Rocky and getting him back on his feet after a run-in with a grumpy fox in our garden last Sunday.

“Cheeky bugger! The care and attention from the guys at @fitzpatrick_referrals is so reassuring and comforting. Thanks again everyone. D x”

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