Supernatural Season 15 Will End With Sam & Dean Together

The final arc of Supernatural has claimed some heavy casualties so far, but Sam and Dean Winchester will see it through to the end together, according to co-showrunner Andrew Dabb. The hit series’ season 15, its last, has just two episodes remaining – one to air November 12, and the other on November 19. With just a couple of hours of Supernatural left, fans are still speculating what the Winchester brothers’ final chapter could have in store.

Last week’s episode, “Despair,” was incredibly heart-wrenching. Longtime protagonist Castiel sacrificed his life to save Dean in an emotional but somber climax, as the rest of the world’s population seemed to vanish at the hand of God/Chuck. Castiel’s profession of love for Dean has been heralded by many as a canonical confirmation of the “Destiel” romantic ship between the two characters. However, others have criticized the moment for cliché “fridging” (killing a queer character in a moment of potential happiness). Seeing that every character in Supernatural has died and come back countless times before, however, anything could happen in the last two episodes.

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One thing is certain: the show that began with Sam and Dean will end with the two brothers still side-by-side. Writer and co-showrunner Andrew Dabb, speaking with TVLine, confirmed that the Winchesters are “ending this journey together,” in response to a question about whether the two will have a “common ending” (both dead, both alive, etc.). While many characters have come and gone throughout the decade and a half that Supernatural has been airing, it’s always been about the brothers at its core, and it’s good to hear it will stay that way through to the final credits. You can read Dabb’s full quote below.

“Sam and Dean started this journey together, and they are ending this journey together…Do they end it in the same place? Do they end it in the same way? Are they both on the same page when it ends? That remains to be seen in the last episode. But the show started about these two guys, and it ends about these two guys.”

While Supernatural has grown more and more absurd in its plotlines overtime, often killing and resurrecting with reckless abandon, Sam and Dean’s relationship has always managed to keep the show at least partially grounded. It’s a testament to the chemistry between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki that the show has continued to find success through 15 seasons. The stars themselves have often said how much they’ve loved working on the series and that they would be interested in returning to the Supernatural world in one way or another down the road.

For now, though, the story of the Winchesters seems to be ending. In less than two weeks, television will lose one of its longest-running and most-beloved active series, which has defined an era for the fantasy genre. As Ackles, Padalecki, Misha Collins, and the rest of the cast move onto other projects, they will leave behind a powerful legacy. But the show isn’t over quite yet. Supernatural’s penultimate episode airs this Thursday, November 9th.

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