Superman & Lois: Who Is The Stranger? Villain Identity Twist Explained

Besides the fact that Superman & Lois’ Lex is played by an actor of color, this new Luthor is a compelling contrast to Cryer’s version that has been on Supergirl. From what has been seen from the premiere, the new Lex feels more of a warrior as opposed to the traditional basis of him in most iterations.  While Cryer’s Lex did get a clean slate on Earth-Prime through Crisis on Infinite Earths, the evil still exists within him. But that Lex, who is a rich industrialist, doesn’t have the same vibe that Parks’ version does. Even though they have both a hatred towards Superman, Parks’ iteration is coming from the perspective of someone that seemingly took on a world-destroying Kal-El.

Even though he shares the same intelligence as Earth-Prime’s Lex, the new Luthor might actually be on a higher level. Given his title as captain, it implies that he was more of a physical-driven Lex as opposed to Cryer’s character. Based on his armor alone, it definitely is something far more advanced than Lex’s Lexosuit that has been seen on Supergirl. It’s very possible that the new Lex’s Earth was maybe a bit further advance in technology, perhaps coming from a future that outdated Earth-Prime’s resources. It’s unclear at this point what Earth the new Lex may have come from, but it definitely doesn’t seem like Oliver Queen restored it as The Spectre.

While he says that he somehow survived, it may actually be through Oliver’s reboot of the Multiverse that he made it to Earth-Prime. Hopefully, at some point in the season, Cryer’s Lex will get to discover that he has a doppelganger running around. It would only be a waste of story if two versions of Lex didn’t get to come face-to-face, especially as they have such different reasons for hating Superman. But until then, fans will have to keep tuning in for Superman & Lois to find out what the Arrowverse’s new Lex Luthor has in store for the Man of Steel and what his full story is.

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