Superman & Lois Makes A Lois Lane Running Gag Into Arrowverse Canon

Lois Lane not being able to spell is a hilarious but also endearing ongoing joke, which was invented by Superman: The Movie‘s screenwriter, the late Tom Mankiewicz. After all, Ms. Lane’s name is regularly associated with the Pulitzer Prize for her research and determination to risk her life to get a story (which usually involves being rescued from danger by Superman). Depending on which version of Lois, she is either a Pulitzer Prize-winner or she’s been nominated for it. Superman & Lois‘ version of Miss Lane has been twice shortlisted for the Pulitzer according to Morgan Edge. But it seems that Lois’s successes can be partially attributed to her editors, usually, Perry White, who always did his job and saved her copy.

Lois’s problems with spelling bled back into her comic book counterpart and became canon in DC Comics. The running joke was also referenced several times in the DC Animated Universe, as the Lois in the DCAU TV series and movies also has trouble spelling words properly. Of course, Crisis On Infinite Earths established that Erica Durance and Elizabeth Tulloch’s Lois Lanes (among other incarnations) are all part of the Arrowvere, so Lois not being able to spell is canon across the Multiverse. And, since the Multiverse was rebirthed at the end of Crisis, with numerous changes still being discovered throughout the Arrowverse, Superman & Lois‘ joke about Lois’ bad spelling now makes the running gag canon in the post-Crisis Arrowverse.

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