Star Wars: The Bad Batch Poster Teases Palpatine’s Return

A new poster for Star Wars: The Bad Batch shows Clone Force 99 being watched by a shadowy Emperor Palpatine. The new animated series from The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels head Dave Filoni follows the titular team of elite clone troopers in the days following Revenge of the Sith. Tech, Heavy, Echo, Crosshair and Hunter abandon their post as Imperial soldiers and go on the run, prompting pursuit from Moff Tarkin and his forces. The Bad Batch premieres on Disney+ on May 4.

Because both Rebels and The Clone Wars are both so well-regarded, the expectations for The Bad Batch are high. Disney is putting a lot of focus on the Imperial era between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope going forward, with The Bad Batch, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Andor all being set at different points over those 19 years. There’s lots of potential for characters from all over the Star Wars mythos to appear in the new series, and several have already been confirmed.

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Another familiar face has been revealed in a poster for Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Emperor Palpatine himself. The poster, shared to the Disney+ Twitter account, shows the whole team, along with their young ward Omega, geared up for action. Flashes of different battles can be seen in the background, and the hooded countenance of Palpatine watches over the whole scene. Moff Tarkin was already revealed to be a major villain in The Bad Batch, but now it looks like the Emperor himself will be involved as well.

If Palpatine has a personal stake in the capture of Clone Force 99, it could suggest they possess something of high value to the Empire. That could be Omega, the young girl who comes with them when they leave Kamino. Some have theorized that Omega is the final clone made from Jango Fett’s genetic template. If that’s the case, she could certainly be valuable enough to Palpatine’s plans to warrant his personal involvement in her return.

Because so much of the early Imperial era remains unseen, The Bad Batch has a lot of potential to tell new, interesting stories in the Star Wars universe. Of course, it’s a cartoon first and foremost, so it will also likely feature plenty of episodic action and adventure for viewers of all ages. But the return of Star Wars characters like Captain Rex and Fennec Shand means there’s lots for diehard fans to get excited about too. Star Wars: The Bad Batch premieres on Disney+ on May 4.

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