Sam Wilson’s Captain America Suit Shown In Detail In Falcon & Winter Soldier Poster

Another roadblock in Sam’s way to becoming Cap was John Walker, the US government’s pick for the next Captain America, introduced at the end of the series’ first episode. Falcon and the Winter Soldier spends a lot of time establishing Walker as an anti-hero of sorts, pitting him against Bucky and Sam, but trying to show that he ultimately has good intentions. All of that is washed away, though, when Walker takes the Super Soldier serum and murders a Flag Smasher in cold blood, making Sam and Bucky realize that they have to steal the shield back.

Walker ends the series by becoming US Agent, a mantle he takes on in the comics, but his future seems more uncertain than Sam’s. Captain America 4 has been announced with Falcon and the Winter Soldier showrunner Malcolm Spellman set to pen the screenplay. There’s also the possibility of a second season, teased at the end of the finale with a new title: Captain America and the Winter Soldier. Sam may have spent the majority of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s run wrestling with the future,  but it’s clear after the finale that he’s more than ready to take it on.

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