Ruth Langsford fumes over takeaway Jack The Chipper’s ‘patronising’ solution to boycott

Ruth Langsford has criticised a Jack The Ripper-inspired fish and chip shop’s “patronising” solution to their boycott.

The owners of Greenwich-based Jack The Chipper appeared on This Morning today to defend their name, which has come under fire just weeks after opening.

Protesters have accused the takeaway’s name of “glorifying” the serial killer who targeted women.

Owner Recep Turhan, 52, appeared on the programme with his son Cagri to defend his chippie after he angered locals by putting up a map detailing where Jack the Ripper killed his victims in the late 19th Century.

Owner Recep Turhan, 52, appeared on the This Morning with his son Cagri to defend his chippie

Recep has claimed that people have shouted abuse at him through the front door and believe that he hates women.

He also said that he was branded “sexist” after he did a half-price day for women to prove that they were supportive of them.

His son Cagri, who is the manager of the shop, said: “These specific people who are trying to boycott the shop itself, they try to just give us negative feedback online, negative reviews and tries to damage the reputation of the business.”

Protesters have accused the takeaway’s name of “glorifying” serial killer Jack The Ripper

Co-host Eamonn Holmes asked whether it wouldn’t be easier to just change the name, but Recep said that he wasn’t keen on doing so, saying that he got “good business” through the name.

Eamonn went on to ask: “Cagri, does the name matter? Does it just not just depend on how good the product is? I mean, if you do a good batter, if you do good fries, whatever. Is that not really what matters at the end of the day?”

The father and son offered a 50% discount to women

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Cagri replied saying that they were there to “provide good fish and food for customers”.

Reiterating that they didn’t want to change the name, Cagri said: “We don’t want to disrespect anyone. We’ve already shown our respectfulness, we’ve tried to offer 50% discount for the women just to show that we’re not here to be disrespectful.”

Eamonn pointed out: “You may mean well but I think your reputation may take a bit of battering over that reduction to women…”

Ruth added: “Well, some people may see that as a bit patronising but listen, that’s your business and you’ve said that’s what you’re doing.”

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