Hollyoaks’ James actor’s 10-year marriage with co-star and tense on-screen row

Real-life Hollyoaks couple Gregory Finnegan and Ariana Fraval have at last been reunited on-screen after a year apart.

Gregory has played James Nightingale in the Channel 4 soap since 2016, and in September 2019 his wife Ariana joined the cast as DS Naomi Cohen.

DS Cohen was called in to investigate the death of Gregory’s on-screen boyfriend, Harry Thompson.

But Ariana had not been on screen for a year because of reduced numbers on set due to Covid-19.

However, in recent months, the couple reunited on-screen for the first time since January 2020.

Gregory and Ariana tied the knot back in 2011, and they’re now proud parents to three sons.

Ariana, who has starred shows including Suzie Gold and Me Without You, took to Instagram to share some intimate snaps from their wedding day last year, when they celebrated their ninth anniversary.

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She captioned the post: “Happy 9th wedding anniversary to my one and only.”

Gregory and Ariana live on the Wirral Peninsula by the seaside, and often give fans glimpses into their blissful life together on social media.

But it did get a bit more stressful when Ariana joined Hollyoaks.

Gregory told The Radio Times : “Now my wife has joined the show any change in the filming schedules is a double whammy for childcare.

“So it’s all go, it makes things somewhat difficult but we are getting through it! It’s lovely having her here. The first scenes she did were actually with me when James had to identify the body.

“She has got to know the cast and is making friends – now she finally can put faces to the names I’ve been alking about all these years! It’s good fun working with her,” he added.

The couple are parents to three sons
Gregory Finnegan/ Instagram)

Their seaside home features bold tropical print wallpaper
Gregory Finnegan/ Instagram)

And it has not been plain sailing for their on-screen characters – who recently had a bust up.

James had a confrontation with DS Cohen where he levied some serious accusations against her colleagues.

“I’ve set something in motion, something that will expose the corruption at the heart of Deer Valley Police,” he warned her.

“Your department, your responsibility.”

“You do exactly as I say, and you and your career can emerge from this unscathed,” he added.

While James admitted he thought DS Cohen was “one of the good ones”, he accused her colleague PC Smith of being “corrupt”.

He is correct – PC Smith initially helped George Kiss to fake his own death to manipulate James’ ex, John Paul McQueen (James Sutton), and tampered with George’s clothes to plant Sally’s DNA after George was murdered for real.

Back in the real world, Gregory and Ariana recently embarked on a staycation in the UK, but looked full of regret when it rained the whole time.

Gregory posted a photo of the family and their dog looking less than impressed by the cold weather – though in the next picture they are all smiles.

“Stay in the UK they said, it’ll be fun they said…” he wrote.

The couple also poke fun at their lives intertwining at work.

The location means lots of stunning walks on the beach, which the couple post photos of
Gregory Finnegan/ Instagram)

Gregory posted a set of two photographs with the caption taking the format of a popular meme, reading: “How it started, how it’s going.”

The photos were a comparison of a photo of him with Ariana looking happy, contrasting with a photo from a tense exchange between their two Hollyoaks characters.

He also paid tribute to Ariana with a sweet video of her creating one of their sons’ Halloween costumes last year.

“Party time…” he wrote.

“N.B The boys are very lucky to have a mum like @ariana_fraval who puts in so much effort! She doesn’t look too shabby in a zombie bride outfit neither!” he joked.

In Tuesday evening’s Hollyoaks, Gregory’s character James decides to confront his ex John Paul when he discovers his current partner, Ste, has black eye.

John Paul is struggling to move on from the death of his abusive boyfriend George Kiss (Callum Kerr).

The couple’s relationship on-screen is far more fractured

Seeking solace in the booze, he was suddenly confronted by Ste (Kieron Richardson), who accused him of having sex with James.

Viewers know that John Paul and James did not sleep together – but Ste was adamant.

Ste set off to find John Paul, who was drunk at The Dog, and their row turned violent.

James, who plays John Paul, told Metro : “Ste doesn’t speak to him particularly well, but it doesn’t warrant being punched or screamed at, which is what happens.

“James is there as well, and he witnesses John Paul’s behaviour.

“John Paul is embarrassed and ashamed, as well as having to deal with the truth that he’s not the upstanding member of the community that he thought he was.”

What will happen when James confronts John Paul about his violence towards Ste – and could he become his latest target? Tune in to Hollyoaks on Channel 4 at 6:30pm to find out.

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