Ruby Rose Supports Wallis Day’s Recasting As Kate Kane on Batwoman

Earlier, it was believed that Rose would appear in a cameo role in Batwoman season 2 to give fans closure about what happened to Kate Kane. As a matter of fact, Rose had even stated that she was open to returning to the show, although it wouldn’t serve to the story to focus too much on her. But now, with Rose’s reaction to Day’s casting, it’s abundantly clear that there is no scope of Rose’s return to the show, and the actress has pleasingly passed on her mantle to Day, who will soon be seen as an ‘altered version’ of Kate.

Rose’s response to the recast is a powerful example of female performers backing each other up in the entertainment industry. When Leslie was first announced for Batwoman, Rose was supportive of her casting too, and now she is lending strength to Day as well. This signifies that there is no bad blood between Rose and the Batwoman makers, despite what early speculations surrounding her exit may have suggested. While Day’s fans are quite excited about her donning the batsuit after her spectacular stint as Nyssa-Vex in Krypton, some Batwoman enthusiasts are disappointed about Rose not returning to the show. But with the actress cheering for the recast herself, hopefully, fans will soon get accustomed to Day’s new role and embrace her as the new Kate Kane.

Source: TVLine, Ruby Rose

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