Roman Kemp will host documentary about male suicide after tragic death of friend

Radio presenter Roman Kemp is set to be the face of a new BBC Three documentary that will explore male suicide and mental health.

The news comes after the TV star, 28, lost his close friend and radio producer Joe Lyons last year.

Roman was left devastated by the death of Joe in August 2020 and described him as his ‘absolute brother’.

It was been confirmed by the BBC that Twofour, which is part of ITV Studios, has commissioned to produce one-hour documentary Our Silent Emergency and Roman is going to front it.

Speaking about his new project, Roman said: “There is a growing mental health crisis going on right now, and without the right support, the results can be tragic.

Roman Kemp will host documentary about male suicide after tragic death of friend
Roman Kemp will host documentary about male suicide after tragic death of friend

“I hope that by making this documentary for BBC Three we can bring attention to a subject that is affecting thousands of young men across the country, and show that there are ways to reach those who are suffering and need our help.”

The short film will see Roman take a closer look at the issue and stigma around men’s mental health – focusing particularly on his generation.

He will explore what can be done to help those in need get the help they need and the presenter is set to find out the heartbreaking impact suicide can have on close friends and family.

Joe Lyons with Roman
Joe Lyons with Roman

He described Joe as his 'absolute brother'
He described Joe as his ‘absolute brother’

BBC Three Controller, Fiona Campbell, said: “Because mental health is such an important issue for our audience, we feel it is our duty at BBC Three to continue making films on the subject in the hope that we can offer solutions and provide some help for people who are struggling.

“This will be a really difficult film for Roman to make and we owe him and everyone else involved a huge thank you for putting trust in us to tell their stories.”

The new documentary will also reportedly see Roman talking about the days following the tragic news of his friend Joe Lyons’ sudden death, according to The Sun.

Roman presents on the radio
Roman presents on the radio

Joe, who was a popular producer at Global radio, died last year and his cause of death is yet to be confirmed.

Roman paid an emotional tribute to his good friend during his radio show Sunday Best, which he co-hosts with father Martin Kemp.

He aims to raise awareness of suicide in his new documentary and wants to provide a solution to those who are in desperate need.

*If you’re struggling and need to talk, the Samaritans operate a free helpline open 24/7 on 116 123. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] or visit their site to find your local branch

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