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While the events of COVID-19 have impacted many film and television productions since March, it appears it has instead positively impacted Rick & Morty. During another virtual event, Harmon said the lockdown has helped those working on the show focus. Based on that information, it’s not too surprising they’re already turning their attention to season 7. Of course, as Harmon pointed out, working so far ahead of the show’s airing time does present new challenges with spoilers.

The news about season 7 also bodes well for the premiere of season 5 and even season 6. If the creative team is working ahead, it will be easier to get those seasons on the air in a timely fashion. Additionally, fans now know they have at least until season 7 with Rick, Morty, Summer, Jerry, and Beth. However, considering the 70-episode order, it seems likely there will be even more. As the Rick and Morty team continues to work on the upcoming seasons, viewers can refresh their memories by streaming seasons 1-4 in the meantime. While the pandemic has hit many productions hard this year, it’s a relief to see one animated favorite seems to be adapting just fine, with multiple seasons on the way. 

Source: Adult Swim Festival 2020

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