REVIEW: tick, tick…BOOM! (2021)

This article offers a review of the forthcoming horror film, ‘Tick, tick…BOOM!’. The movie is set in an alternate future where the world has been drastically transformed by climate change and global tensions.

“tick, tick boom cast” is a movie that follows the story of a group of people who are trying to stop an impending terrorist attack. The movie was released on Netflix in February 2019.

REVIEW: tick, tick…BOOM! (2021)

Tick, tick…BOOM! is based on Jonathan Larson’s attempt to produce a popular musical and is based on the theatrical production of the same name. Lin-Manuel Miranda directed the Netflix movie musical, which premiered on November 19th. The original material began as an off-Broadway one-man show in the early 1990s, with Larson presenting the material solo. That show was reworked into a three-performer piece after he died in 1995 from an aortic aneurysm, similar to what we witness in the film. I haven’t seen or heard either version of the stage performance, and I don’t care for Rent, the mega-musical that placed Larson on the map after his death. The actors alone would have piqued my interest, but click, tick…BOOM! is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s directorial debut, which is why I was interested in seeing it. Miranda credits Rent, as well as The Fiddler on the Roof, as a source of inspiration for In the Heights. Larson’s life resembles Miranda’s in terms of copious songwriting and tireless quest of making a great play, despite his premature death. Both guys changed the definition of what a Broadway production might be: Rent popularized pop-rock musicals, while Miranda brought salsa and rap to the stage. tick, tick…BOOM! takes a look at the creative process and a creative person’s life. Let’s have a look at what we’ve got.


Jonathan Larson (Andrew Garfield) is approaching his 30th birthday and worries that he will have nothing to show for it. Susan (Alexandra Shipp), his girlfriend, wants to relocate for a career teaching dance as his youth fades. Michael (Robin de Jesus), Jon’s closest friend and roommate, takes a job with an advertising business and moves into a luxurious apartment. Jonathan leaves his job at the local restaurant in order to attend the workshop for Superbia, the musical he’s been working on for the last eight years. Relationships, professional choices, and how we utilize the time we’re given in life are all examined in the following sections.

As Jonathan Larson in tick, tick…BOOM!, Andrew Garfield is a force to be reckoned with. Garfield can sing, something I had no known he could do, and he’s rather excellent. He has a great tone and a lot of strength in his voice, which is uncommon in live-action musicals nowadays. His frantic portrayal of the neurotic genius is appealing as well as annoying, sympathetic as well as maddening. The makeup and hair artists did an excellent job of imbuing the conventionally attractive actor with a likeness to the eccentric author. Susan is played well by Alexandra Shipp, who struggles to sustain Jonathan while getting nothing in return. When he refuses to discuss her job offer, she becomes enraged. She’s also a great vocalist, which came as a pleasant surprise to me. Late in the film, a song proclaims that this romance is doomed, but I don’t believe that was the case. Susan was, for the most part, reasonable, providing Jonathan with several opportunity to express interest in her job and make her a priority in his life. I may be prejudiced since I understand what the film is attempting to communicate. When it became evident where this subplot was headed, I felt upset, and much more so when Susan arrives in a dream scene, singing to Jonathan. I’m amazed at how effectively this relationship is handled, considering I’m not generally impressed by such things. Everything in tick, tick…BOOM! seems close and personal, making it difficult not to get engrossed in the story. Jonathan’s decision to prioritize his job is logical, but click, tick…BOOM! raises the possibility that it wasn’t always the best option. The fundamental lesson of the film seems to be that, although having a love for your profession is vital and may lead to great things, there are other things in life that are more important.

tick, tick...BOOM! Review

This is especially evident when Michael, Jonathan’s closest friend, gets tragic news, which certainly influenced the narrative of Rent. Robin de Jesus is also excellent. In the opening of the film, his performance of “30/90” with Garfield is phenomenal. It’s brimming with zeal and determination to do something before it’s too late. The phrase “too late” is always on Jonathan’s thoughts, but it has a very different meaning for Michael. This aspect of the film really struck a chord with me. I stress about productivity and often believe that people are wasting or misdirecting my time. Even activities I would appreciate are avoided because they would distract time and resources away from getting things done. This isn’t the same as what Jonathan is going through; he regularly puts his family and friends on the back burner in order to concentrate exclusively on his work. However, his narrative serves as a sharp reminder that our time is finite, and it’s worth considering if we’re making the most of it.

tick, tick...BOOM! Review

Fans of Miranda’s work, Larson’s work, and Broadway in general will enjoy tick, tick…BOOM! There are cameo appearances from both theater legends and emerging artists. In a sequence packed with cameos and callbacks, the original Mimi, Roger, and Angel from Rent, Angelica and Eliza from Hamilton, and others appear. Things like these are fun for people who know what they’re talking about, but they don’t detract from the plot if you’re not looking for references. Even though Rent isn’t my favorite thing in the world, it’s interesting to see what influenced various aspects of the show.

Unless you’re more acquainted with the original material than I am, you’re definitely curious about the songs by now. Some of these are simply magnificent. For the foreseeable future, I’ll be humming “30/90” in the shower, and “Come to Your Senses” had me in tears. Susan and Karessa (Vanessa Hudgens) have a lovely duet, both physically and in terms of the message they’re trying to portray. This isn’t Hudgens’ first time in a musical-within-a-musical film. She appeared in High School Musical 15 years ago, and it’s exciting to see how far she’s progressed. “Johnny Can’t Decide” is also a smash hit, while “Real Life” is straightforward yet heartbreaking. Some of the songs aren’t as memorable as others, but none of them were horrible in my opinion. The cast is consistently excellent, which is a rarity in today’s huge movie musicals.

tick, tick...BOOM! Review

Overall, I had a lot of fun with tick, tick…BOOM! This video offers a really one-of-a-kind experience while delving into challenging emotions and subjects. I hope Lin-Manuel Miranda keeps directing movies because I’d love to see Andrew Garfield (or any of these actors) in another musical. What’s more, you know what? I’m thinking about giving Rent another chance.

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tick, tick boom metacritic” is a movie which was released on the 20th of January, 2021. The movie has received mixed reviews from critics and audiences alike.

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