REVIEW: Superman & Lois – Season 1, Episode 15 “Last Sons of Krypton”

Clark Kent (Superman) and Lois Lane are frustrated over their son Jonathan’s failure to follow in his father’s footsteps as a journalist and reporter. Desperate to get him back on track, Clark presents Jonathan with a powerful object to help him uncover the truth behind his father’s death.

“Last Sons of Krypton”” is the 15th episode of the first season of the television series “Superman & Lois”. It is the 16th episode of the series overall. It was aired on February 25th, 2016. In this episode, Lex Luthor takes the upper hand in the fight against Superman, and Lois is in jeopardy when she tries to help Superman.

In this episode, Lois Lane’s mission to stop the Kryptonian criminals is taking her to the planet of Krypton, where her father Superman was created. We start with the family dinner, where Clark (Carmen) and Kara (Kristin Kreuk) present their son Jonathan with an executive position at the Daily Planet, and Lois is very proud of her son.

REVIEW: Superman & Lois – Season 1, Episode 15 “Last Sons of Krypton”

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Superman & Lois ends its impressive first season with “Last Sons of Krypton,” a mostly satisfying, though somewhat underwhelming, finale that succeeds more in its character payoffs than its superhero action. It brings the season’s major themes full circle and concludes some of the characters’ journeys in unexpected ways but leaves a couple of others adrift.

As Zeta-Ro exploits Jordan as a vehicle for his invasion of Earth, Superman hunts for him. Lois and Jonathan work feverishly to resurrect Jordan. Steel prepares to assist Superman in his last confrontation with Morgan Edge. Lana and Kyle are torn between fleeing Smallville and helping to preserve it.

The cliffhanger from last week starts “Last Sons of Krypton” on the appropriate tone of desperation. Jordan has been abducted, Superman is unable to locate him, and no one knows where to search for him. The program immediately puts Superman on the defensive, making him vulnerable because his family is being assaulted rather than the presence of Kryptonite. Leslie Larr points out to Lois that it’s a little detail in the big scheme of things when she again pressures military people into doing what she says. (The fact that the Army woman insisted on one minute instead of five doesn’t alter the fact that Connie Chung muscled her.) Lois is focused on one life while her whole species is on the verge of extinction, and that is a flaw she and her superiors don’t share. Lois is similar to Clark in this regard. Leslie, on the other hand, has no idea what it’s like to be a mother, and it’s the humanity that comes with it that will enable Lois to rescue her kid and the world.



When Superman finally locates Jordan, it’s up to Lois and Jonathan to free him from Zeta-control Ro’s before his awareness is permanently lost. That is what “Last Sons of Krypton” is all about: the personal, family, and individual is the key to humanity’s salvation. Superman can fight all the great wars he wants, but it’ll all be for nothing if one frightened kid isn’t rescued. That’s a fantastic message, and one befitting of a Superman program. Every single one of us has value in and of themselves, not simply as members of some nebulous collective. And it’s not a superhero or the military that rescues us; it’s the most essential, fundamental, and intimate community of all: family. Lois and Jonathan team together to rescue Jordan because they (and Clark) adore him beyond all else, and they’re the only ones who can persuade him that he’s capable of defeating an overwhelming foe. And, fascinatingly, the two steal a leaf from one other’s playbook; throughout the season, Jonathan has been the one pushing Jordan while his parents have shown him affection. Lois gives him the courage to fight this time, while Jon just replies, “I love you.” The boys gently flying to the earth as they embrace one other, representing the best of their parents, is maybe the most lovely picture the program has ever.

The significance of the individual and family is felt throughout “Last Sons of Krypton,” and it is the key to every struggle the protagonists encounter. The Cushings decide to remain in Smallville as a family, and they draw strength from one another as they assist their neighbors in calming down. And it is until Kyle sacrifices his life to rescue a lady from a fire that Smallville embraces its anxieties once again; by concentrating on one person in need, he transforms the whole town. When Superman and Steel rely on each other, each utilizing the other’s unique skill as his real weapon, they finally vanquish Morgan Edge. This is a pair of men who spent the first half of the season beating the crap out of each other, one confronting the man who stole everything from him and the other facing the man who is trying to murder him, and it’s their trust and growing camaraderie that puts an end to Edge’s reign of terror. Edge and Zeta-Ro, on the other hand, fail because they forsake family and individualism in favor of a collective larger good. Edge’s lament that he’s always desired a family emphasizes how badly he missed the purpose (despite his crazy father’s encouragement) – he’s always had one. Edge’s passion and dedication to his race turned them become adversaries. Clark would have embraced his brother with open arms. He’s now down to his last few possessions.

Superman & Lois, Last Sons of Krypton

He’s left with nothing, apparently. The absence of a meaningful conclusion for the antagonists in “Last Sons of Krypton” is the film’s main flaw. Sure, we know – or can assume – what happens to Edge, Zeta-Ro, and Leslie Larr, but seeing it is a whole other experience, particularly for characters who have been around for a full season. This is due in part to the fact that the prior episodes were so fulfilling. It was entertaining to see Superman knock out Edge in “Through the Valley of Death,” but the authors slammed the door on us seeing Clark have one more shot at his arch-enemy. Edge isn’t even dragged off to prison, which is likely what happened to him after he’s thwarted; he’s basically an afterthought once he’s foiled. The same can be said about Zeta-Ro, who is much more wicked than Edge and was in urgent need of a satisfying retaliation. Again, we very much know what happened: Zeta-Ro vanished once Jordan recovered control of his body. But why not try something a bit more eye-catching? They could have had Jordan physically throw out Zeta-Ro, giving the viewer a victorious defeat of a really terrible person, since so much of Jordan’s inner struggle is symbolic. It’s just another shrug. Instead of allowing Lois to throw her loss in her face, Leslie Larr gets to be arrogant in her last moment. I’m not looking for a huge, bloody death – after all, this is Superman – but rather something cathartic.

The conclusion of “Last Sons of Krypton” is considerably better, wrapping up all of the themes of family. Clark, Lois, and the boys have reunited, and Sam has withdrawn to concentrate on them (as opposed to the world; once more, the family over the wider community, the individual over the collective). The Cushings remain in Smallville, and their reputation has been restored. Jordan and Sarah make it official, establishing a new connection centered on people and, eventually, family; Jon, meantime, takes the first steps toward having that with Tegan. Lois joins Chrissy as a co-owner of the newspaper, ensuring that it remains locally held rather than being gobbled up by a large company. And Clark bids his Kryptonian past farewell, guaranteeing that he will never be like Edge. Irons was supposed to be the lone holdout, the person who joined a collective because he couldn’t have a family anymore; however, just as Superman rescued his life, his daughter comes to save his heart. It’s a beautiful conclusion to a fantastic season, bumps and all.

Superman & Lois, Last Sons of Krypton

While “Last Sons of Krypton” falls short of satisfyingly tying up some of the loose ends, especially with the villains, it is still a respectable conclusion that ties up the season’s key themes and puts the main characters in good positions.

Plot – 8
Acting – 9 points
9 – Progression
8 – Production Design
Themes: ten



While “Last Sons of Krypton” falls short of satisfyingly tying up some of the loose ends, especially with the villains, it is still a respectable conclusion that ties up the season’s key themes and puts the main characters in good positions.

**Spoiler Alert** – Last Sons of Krypton is so good it is sad. So much so that it makes you wonder if you are watching the show wrong. It’s not that the show is stupendously good. It’s that the show is so good that it makes you question what you have been watching all these years. It’s not the show that’s the problem. It’s how you experience the show. I was engrossed through the first three episodes. I read the Wikipedia summary of the show and I still wasn’t sure if I was watching a show or reading a book. It’s that immersive. It’s that involving. The characters feel like real people you know and love. It’s like the show was written. Read more about superman 2 review and let us know what you think.

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I am not a movie critic, but I would say that Superman is a good movie.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What is the message of Superman 1978?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The message of Superman 1978 is that the world needs to be saved.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Why did they replace Brandon Routh?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Brandon Routh was replaced by Henry Cavill because he had a scheduling conflict.”}}]}

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Is Superman a good movie?

I am not a movie critic, but I would say that Superman is a good movie.

What is the message of Superman 1978?

The message of Superman 1978 is that the world needs to be saved.

Why did they replace Brandon Routh?

Brandon Routh was replaced by Henry Cavill because he had a scheduling conflict.

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