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Sherman Shaw wasn’t always Principal Sherman. In fact, he was a Marine. He was also the first African-American to be a principal in a public school system in the United States. In his early years, he was the first principal of Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. In 1968, he became principal of all of Little Rock’s elementary schools. Not only did he become an activist, but he also became an author.

Meet Principal Sherman, the newest Principal to the Frameloop! Mr. Principal Sherman is a bit of a show-off, as he likes to pretend he’s not a Principal at all. It seems he’s always bragging about how he got his job and how he’s the leader of the Frameloop. It’s not uncommon, though, for him to burst into a song about how he was the best student ever. He’s very proud of his long career as a Principal and doesn’t really want to retire. However, he doesn’t want to work forever, either…

I was tasked to write about Principal Sherman who is the principal in the movie ‘A Wrinkle in Time’

Principal-Sherman-%E2%80%93-Whos-WhoThe last comic book character that made an appearance in the Stargirl episode Summer School: Chapter One is a minor villain from the comics, but it seems that his function has altered… maybe. Courtney Whitmore and her family are summoned to the principal’s office after a short fight with Artemis Crock, where we discover that Principal Bowin has been replaced by Principal Harold Sherman, played by Tywayne Wheatt. Principal Sherman seems to be a nice and sympathetic guy, but he conceals a terrible secret in the comics: let’s see together.

In all appearance, Sherman was a perfectly normal man, a committed educator who worked as school principal in the small town of Blue Valley, Nebraska. Of course, some weird voices kept Principal-Sherman-%E2%80%93-Whos-Whorunning around him, especially for his habit to suddenly disappear from meetings and reunions to drink from the special flask he held in one of his desk’s drawers, but as long as he did his job well and didn’t get drunk on duty, nobody really cared. Problem was, Principal Sherman was not a perfectly normal man, and his “drinking problem” was part of it: he was actually a highly advanced robot, created by the scientific genius of Doctor Graft and of his master, the Dragon King, and he served the latter with blind, pre-programmed loyalty. From time to time, the robot needed to refuel himself, and what he drank from the drawer was actually car oil, his main source of energy: if only somebody had checked it out, it would have been quite a surprise, but in a small city like Blue Valley people’s main interest was to avoid scandals, and there was little to no risk. While posing as the principal of Blue Valley High School, then, Sherman carried on a much darker agenda, that he supervised from his privileged position: his master, the Dragon King, had a new plan to rule the world, and Blue Valley High held the prime resources to its success. Children, of course.

The Dragon King was building a special device to brainwash kids and teenagers and unleash them as his army against adults all over the world, taking control of cities and countries counting on the fact that people would have never hurt their own children: Principal Sherman’s main duty was to provide always new “recruits” for the experiments, letting them be kidnapped within the school’s walls, and to make sure that all those disappearances and kidnappings went unnoticed for the most 1629610163_87_Principal-Sherman-%E2%80%93-Whos-Whopart. All went smoothly until a new young superhero arrived in town, some Star-Spangled Kid, soon accompanied by the much more menacing S.T.R.I.P.E.: at this point, Dragon King’s orders included taking care of the heroic duo, more because of the attention they were bound to attract than for the actual threat they represented. Principal Sherman had at his orders some supervillains, masquerading as professors, and he sent one of them, Paintball, against the Star-Spangled Kid, but he failed. Also Graft tried to beat the teenager heroine with one of his creations, Skeeter, with the same result. As foreseen, the activities of the two crime-fighters drew the attention of several other heroes, and Blue Valley wasn’t a safe ground for human experimentation anymore. The Star-Spangled Kid even joined forces with the Shining Knight, who was hiding in the school as the janitor… but by that point, Dragon King’s daughter Shiv had already found out the heroine’s secret identity: she was Courtney Whitmore, one of the students… daughter of Barbara Whitmore, the woman Sherman had just hired, and who was sitting in his office when the communication arrived. Seeking an opportunity, Principal Sherman abducted Barbara on the spot, and brought her to the Dragon King’s underground lab to be used as a hostage: with such a lever, Dragon King would have surely vanquished his pesky enemy.

Principal Sherman is a sentient robot, a highly sophisticated artificial intelligence with a personality and attitude of his own, although not quite a free will. He has extraordinary strength and durability as a robot, and he can use his limbs as almost impenetrable tentacles to restrain any normal person. Principal Sherman, who has been programmed to be completely devoted to the Dragon King, is continually kidnapping children and covering his boss’s tracks while waiting for fresh instructions.



In the real world, Principal Sherman is the most recognizable name in the local Walgreens (Photo: But what you may not know is that Mr. Sherman is the reigning champion of the “Walgreens Down in the DM” competition, a friendly rivalry that pits the principal against the high school’s most popular student. With nearly 5000 votes, Mr. Sherman’s tactics have netted him the top spot in the competition. However, his secret may soon be revealed to the entire community . . .. Read more about sherman elementary school staff and let us know what you think.

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