Pok√©mon: Ash Ketchum Now Has A Sirfetch’d On His Team

Now that Ash has Sirfetch’d, his entire team of new¬†Pok√©mon consist of fully-evolved creatures, as he has Dragonite, Dracovish, Gengar, Lucario, and Sirfetch’d. It’s likely that his Pikachu also cannot evolve,¬†following the revelation that it has a Gigantamax form. All of these¬†Pok√©mon are feared in the actual video games, and it’s refreshing to see Ash use a team that an actual player would use, rather than the random assortment of region-specific¬†Pok√©mon (plus Pikachu) that he used for most of the series.

A lot of¬†Pok√©mon fans believe that Ash Ketchum is building a dream team of competitive¬†Pok√©mon for his final run as the main character¬†of the anime, as he is currently taking part in a world tournament with the best trainers from around the globe. Sirfetch’d would certainly qualify as a powerful¬†Pok√©mon for Ash’s team, and it will be interesting to follow its progress in the upcoming episodes of the¬†Pok√©mon¬†anime.

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