Playing With Power Trailer Takes An Honest Look At Nintendo’s Legacy

A¬†new trailer for¬†Playing with Power: The Nintendo Story¬†takes an honest look at the legacy and history of Nintendo. Throughout its 132-year existence, Nintendo has remained¬†one of the most successful gaming companies ever.¬†The Japanese powerhouse¬†truly hit its stride in 1985 when it released the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES),¬†the pioneering¬†video game console that¬†introduced millions of gamers to Mario, a character that¬†continues to wield influence over popular culture. Despite being a household name, Nintendo is notoriously secretive, and a new documentary series aims to peel back the layers of the company’s long and checkered history.

IGN dropped a new trailer for Crackle’s¬†five-part series¬†Playing with Power, which¬†covers Nintendo’s humble beginnings during the 19th century as a trading card company all the way through to its current status as a¬†video game titan. Narrated by Sean Astin and featuring interviews with famous fans and video game executives, the series won’t just dwell on personal nostalgia. Instead, it will take a hard look at the¬†company’s history of lawsuits, monopolistic ambitions, and vicious competition with¬†industry giants like Atari and Microsoft.¬†Watch the¬†Playing with Power¬†trailer below:

The series looks to be essential viewing for both diehard video game connoisseurs and anyone dazzled by¬†a Nintendo console as a young kid. Writer-director Jeremy Snead has a strong resume of projects like Unlocked: The World of Games, Revealed,¬†which¬†investigate the gaming world, so fans can rest assured that Playing with Power¬†won’t be a surface-level lark. Viewers will be able to catch the series when it premieres¬†March 1 on Crackle.

Source: IGN/YouTube

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