Piers Morgan claps back at GMB weatherman Alex Beresford as he reignites ‘feud’

Piers Morgan has reignited his joking feud with colleague Alex Beresford – after the GMB weatherman insisted he’s never seen an episode of Life Stories.

The latest instalment with boxing legend Chris Eubank has been making headlines, and Alex admitted on today’s GMB that he was considering watching for the first time ever.

“I’ve never actually watched Piers’ Life Stories before,” he told Charlotte Hawkins.

And when Charlotte asked if he thought he’d “get away with it”, Alex joked that he rarely sees Piers these days anyway.

Piers, who’s on a break from GMB hosting duties over half term, took to Twitter with a salty clap back.

Piers Morgan's Life Stories
Piers’ interview with Chris Eubank has been widely praised

“To be fair, I’ve never watched his weather reports,” he tweeted.

This comes after a bit of on-air smack talk a few weeks back.

When Piers claimed that Alex is “far from being the greatest weatherman of all time”, Alex quipped: “Well the great news is that Piers is not here tomorrow, but the bad news is that the weather is pretty testing out there.”

Before that, Piers’ famous rant about men wearing baby-carrying papooses prompted Alex to reveal he used one when son Cruz was a tot.

Alex Beresford and Charlotte Hawkins on Good Morning Britain
Alex said he’s never watched Piers Morgan’s Life Stories

“If this is the future of mankind then we are dead,” Piers remarked.

And taking the showdown into the online arena, Piers asked followers in a Twitter poll whether they would rather have him or Alex as a partner.

“Thick women would prefer Beresford, dimwit Beresford with his papoose and his tattoos,” Piers insisted.

Piers Morgan
Piers is never shy with an opinion

“Any woman with a brain would pick me.”

Alex swept up nearly 70% of the vote.

Meanwhile, when Piers asked Alex how the weather would be during the Cricket World Cup, Alex said: “I don’t work for you.”

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