Piers Morgan addresses ‘scary two weeks’ after parents contracted ‘brutal’ covid

Piers Morgan has revealed that he has found the last two weeks “frightening” after his parents contracted coronavirus and suffered “brutal” symptoms.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain today, Piers had spoken with Kate Garraway on hearing husband Derek speak his first word.

Later, Piers addressed his parents and admitted that he had had a “scary two weeks” with his own mum and dad battling Covid-19.

He also revealed that he had spoken to Dr Hilary Jones for advice.

However, Piers confirmed that his parents were now coming out of the other side, with his dad complaining that he had lost his sense of taste.

Piers Morgan has revealed that he has found the last two weeks ‘frightening’

After speaking to Kate, he said: “I would just like to say something to my parents who are both battling covid and have been for two weeks.

“It’s a scary thing for a family when your elderly parents, my parents are both in their late 70s and got it two weeks ago from someone in a family bubble but someone who had to go out and was very sensible but got the virus.

Piers addressed his parents on the programme and said that Dr Hilary had been very reassuring

Piers with his dad before the first coronavirus lockdown

“But then bang, it was like dominoes – boom, boom, boom. They had one lunch together and within three days both my mum and dad had Covid-19.

“It’s been a long two weeks for our family. It’s long for us because we can’t get in there, but incredibly long for my parents or for anyone that goes through this.”

Piers went on to say that he was struck by the “extraordinary” range of symptoms,  including a high fever and back pain.

“It’s a brutal assault on the body,” he explained.

He said that Dr Hilary had been “incredibly reassuring” over the last fortnight and was very grateful. 

Following the admission, Piers added: “Morning to my parents – keep battling, you’ve done great so far.”

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