Ozark Season 4: How House of Cards Prepared Robin Wright to Direct

If Wright’s work on House of Cards and Land is any indication, she’ll definitely rise to the challenge. Her experience working on a dark Netflix original series that centers around corruption will certainly serve her well in the role of director and should also serve Ozark well as the show looks to nail its ending. If season 4 continues to focus more on Wendy (Linney) than Marty and more on Darlene (Lisa Emery) than any other antagonist, incorporating a woman’s perspective from behind the scenes will likely help maintain the authenticity of the characters.

But no matter what storyline she’s given, Wright has the skills to craft a complex, standout episode. Hopefully, the writing of season 4 is on par with that of season 3 so that Wright’s artistry can truly shine. Season 3 was Ozark’s strongest thus far, but with the heightened stakes, the higher episode count, and the new faces behind the camera, season 4 has the potential to be the show’s best yet.

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